Lost Marijuana Mailed to Wrong Indiana Address

Lost marijuana in bag

COLUMBUS, Ind. — The finest at the Columbus Police Department posted a picture of some orphaned marijuana to announce they were looking for its owner after the weed was mailed to the wrong address. Officials posted a picture of the lost weed to the department's Twitter and Facebook social media pages Thursday, according to ABC Action News.

Police say a man called them Wednesday after he opened a package that was accidentally mailed to his address and found 10 pounds of marijuana inside.

The police wrote that, although there were still 187 days until Christmas, it may have been possible Santa had sent the man an early Christmas gift.

"With the excitement of an eight-year-old child, the man opened the gift, looked inside the package, and to his disappointment, he saw ten pounds of marijuana," said a representative from Columbus PD. The post went on to say that the man was just as upset as the time his Aunt Edna sent him underwear instead of video games.

Authorities say the 10 pounds of lost marijuana is worth around $30,000 on the street and was not the first accidental pot delivery in the city. Just last January, another package of marijuana was accidentally mailed to the wrong address. The Columbus Police Department said at least $14,000 worth of liquid THC was inside the package.

The person who mistakenly received the THC package also contacted the police department after opening it, according to Lt. Matt Harris.

“His curiosity got the best of him, he wanted to see what’s in it," adding the man found more than 350 packages of liquid marijuana inside the package.

Police Joke About Too Many Tokes and Lost Marijuana

The CPD also posted a picture of the accidental liquid THC delivery on social media in April. The post encouraged the owner of the drugs to come and fetch their package.

“We have your dope," adding that the lost marijuana could be claimed in-person at the Columbus Police Department.

The officers continued on in their most recent post to invite the owner of lost marijuana to come by the precinct, noting that the 10-pound orphan was waiting along with the 350 packages previously found by the CPD. The post says the officers do not wish to keep something that does not belong to them and they were disappointed that the first package wasn't claimed.

The post ended by offering the owner of the packages a spectacle of sorts if they came to claim the lost packages, saying a nice officer would sing.

"He won’t be hard to spot, as he won’t stop singing his new rendition of the 12 Days of Christmas: 10 pounds of pot, 9 roach clips, 8 air fresheners, 7 rolling papers, 6 minutes napping, 5 GLASS BONG…."

The city had yet another incident involving a package of misplaced marijuana last year when someone mailed five pounds of marijuana to the wrong address.

The Columbus Police Department wrote that whoever owned the packages must have had one too many tokes before they mailed the packages and strongly encouraged the owner to bring their identification when they came to claim the lost marijuana.