Leafbuyer Partners With Realm of Caring For Denver's Mile High 420 Festival

April 20th is almost upon us, which means cannabis consumers around the world are getting ready to celebrate cannabis and the culture that surrounds the therapeutic plant. With all the 420 festivities happening, consumers can lose sight of how beneficial cannabis is to medical patients and why it should truly be celebrated. Medical cannabis is legal in more than thirty states across the U.S., which means most people have some form of access to the plant, but what about those in non-legal states? Well, one of the people affected by the outlaw of cannabis was Luca Chitla, who suffered from tonic-clonic seizures since the early age of 6 months.

Luca Chitla and his family are originally from Miami, Florida but moved to North Carolina, where medical cannabis is outlawed. After watching Luca suffer these horrific seizures, his family knew that they had to find help. The family took Luca to professional doctors, where he was given many different medications to try. Luca's family observed him, but nothing was getting better; "We were hopeless with medication. We tried so many, and nothing ever worked" said Luca's Mom.

After seeing that the medications were not working, they turned to an alternative treatment with cannabinol (CBD). Living in North Carolina, they did not have legal access to medical cannabis products that would eventually help Luca. So, the Chitla family decided to move to Colorado; a state where Luca would be able to have the medicine he needs to stop his seizures, legally.

realm of caring cbd After hearing Luca's story, a non-profit organization named Realm of Caring stepped in to help assist Luca and his family with an alternative treatment for his seizures. Realm of Caring – which was established in 2013 – assists families in need by connecting them with legal cannabis product manufacturers and doctors, who specialize in the medical benefits of cannabis. The product that Realm of Caring introduced to the Chitla family was Charlotte's Web, a CBD cannabis oil brand that produces different products like tinctures, topicals, and capsules. CBD is a cannabinoid in cannabis that has many beneficial medical properties and does not produce the 'high' effects that THC causes.

The Chitla family invested everything they had into Luca since the start of his treatment, and it has paid off. Luca no longer suffers from serious seizures thanks to the work of Realm of Caring and Charlotte's Web, an exceptional CBD cannabis product. Charlotte's Web's products are available online and can be shipped across the nation, legally.

We here at Leafbuyer want to help Luca and other children who suffer from similar issues, so we are partnering with Realm of Caring at the Mile High 420 Festival in Denver, Colorado. Realm of Caring will be sharing a vendor booth with Leafbuyer at the event and, together, they will be selling t-shirts and bags while collecting donations for the non-profit organization. To help support Realm of Caring and the medical benefits of cannabis, stop by the Leafbuyer/Realm of Caring booth at this year's Mile High 420 Festival on April 20th.