How to Keep a Joint From Canoeing

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If you're a marijuana user that loves smoking a good ol' joint, chances are there's been a time or two (or fifty) when, instead of smoking steadily, the joint just canoes and the whole experience is ruined. We've all been there — staring down the uneven side of a canoeing joint and wondering what we can do to fix this problem. Do you light the joint again or flip it a certain direction? Maybe the angle has something to do with it?

Whatever the specifics are, the issue is always the same — how to keep a joint from canoeing. It seems like every solution is more or less a panicked guess to save what's left of a badly canoed joint. When there's weed on the line, it's best to know in advance the best way to mitigate this common but annoying smoking problem.

Well, that's why Leafbuyer is here to remove the guesswork when it comes to making sure your joint-smoking experience goes swimmingly! You don't need to panic the next time your joint start to burn unevenly — just remember these tips and tricks on how to keep a joint from canoeing and you'll never lose a smoke session to a canoe again. All you have to do is kick back, light up a bit of your favorite strain, and read up on how to keep your joints smoking like they should.

What is Canoeing?

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Before delving into the details on how to prevent canoed joints, we should first make clear of what exactly a canoed joint actually is. For those of you cannabis consumers out there who haven't experienced this particular phenomenon, you're among the lucky few!

Canoeing is a common but incredibly irritating and potentially joint-ruining occurrence in which a part of the joint burns faster than the rest. This results in a partially hollowed out joint structure which somewhat resembles a hollowed-out log, or a canoe. While canoed joints are still smokable, they don't smoke nearly as well as an evenly-lit joint and can completely fall apart if not handled properly. Canoeing also contributes significantly to weed wastage during the smoking process.

How to Keep a Joint From Canoeing

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Now that we all know exactly what we're talking about here, it's time to divulge the top tricks and tips on how to keep a joint from canoeing. From preventative techniques to quick fixes, we have all the best solutions to prevent canoes from interrupting your smoke session experience. Just follow these four basic rules, and you'll know exactly how to keep your joints from canoeing!

Roll It Right

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When it comes to preventing canoed joints, it's best to start early by making sure the joint is rolled right. There are a million and one different ways to roll a joint incorrectly, and some of those incorrect rolling methods inevitably result in canoes. To keep a joint from canoeing as a result of your rolling technique, make sure to pay special attention to every stage of the rolling process.

The first and most important rolling tip to keep your joints smoking straight is to fill the body of your joint evenly with weed. If you have a pocket of air on one side and tightly packed flower on the other, the weed-loaded portion is going to burn much slower than the air-filled side, turning your joint into a canoe.

Another common rolling issue is overlapping the paper too much when sealing the joint closed; paper is the fastest-burning part of a joint, and the excess could instigate imbalanced burning. Pay attention to how wet the paper is as well — wet paper can inversely cause a joint to canoe by stunting the fire near the wetness while the rest of the joint continues to burn.

An ideally-rolled joint for preventing canoes should be evenly packed and dry with no uneven paper overlap. When it comes to preventing canoed joints, it's best to start at the beginning by rolling your joints the right way.

Light It Properly

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Believe it or not, even when you have a perfectly-rolled joint, you're still not necessarily safe from the dreaded joint canoe. In fact, one of the most common joint-killers is when they aren't evenly-lit in the beginning. Very few things can ruin a smoke session faster than someone lighting a joint from the side, causing it to canoe and leaving you with a half-burnt weed stub.

If the lighter or the joint itself is tilted too much during the lighting process, the joint is much more likely to canoe. The chances are also higher if you don't spin the joint as you light up. Heck, it almost seems like the joint could canoe from just inhaling at a weird time!

So, how do you actually light a joint evenly to keep it from canoeing? Just be sure to hold the joint straight between your lips and apply the flame patiently to the jay's tip. Inhale a few times, and rotate the joint as you see fit until the entire front of it is evenly-lit. If it starts to canoe or you notice any warning signs at this point, just apply the flame to the affected area and continue to smoke until the problem is fixed.

Another important part of lighting up without risking the possibility of a joint canoe is the wind. Try your best to get out of the wind while lighting your joint since uneven air exposure will definitely stoke up the fire more in some areas than others. All in all, just be methodical with how you light your joints and don't let the elements ruin a perfectly good weed receptacle!

Pay Attention

Once your joint is rolled, lit, and smoking like a dream, you may think you're in the clear — but canoes can pop up from seemingly nowhere and decimate what's left of your perfectly good joint if you're not careful.

Don't let this happen to you and your weed; just continue to pay some attention to it throughout the entirety of your joint to make sure a canoe doesn't sneak up on you. It doesn't have to be an incredibly active lookout process to check your joint for signs of canoeing — all you have to do is check every once and a while between puffs to see if there are any potential signs of your joint turning on you. When it comes to canoeing, it's better to be safe than sorry!

Be Prepared to Fix It

At any time during the joint smoking process, it's important to be prepared to fix your joint if a problem does arise. Fixing a canoeing joint may seem like a panicked rush when it happens, but if you know the tips and tricks beforehand, fixing a canoed joint can be easy as pie.

Just make sure to always have a lighter close by so you can relight the joint and fix the canoe. Some people have also reported fixing a canoed joint by cutting off the extra length with scissors or by flipping the joint so the heat burns the top portion of the joint quicker. However you choose to keep a joint from canoeing, the gist is the same: get rid of the extra bit of paper and relight the whole thing.

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Follow these simple rules and your joints will be canoe-free! So, why not head over to your local dispensary and test out your newfound knowledge on how to keep a joint from canoeing? After all, practice does make perfect!