Florida just legalized a medical marijuana program that greatly expanded their old, low-THC system. With these new laws, though, many Florida medical marijuana consumers find themselves asking what they can and cannot do. In particular, people want to know: Can I cultivate my own medical cannabis at home?

In this article, we dive into the basics of Florida medical marijuana cultivation laws and learn about the laws affecting medical use.


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Florida Medical Marijuana Cultivation LawsFlorida’s medical marijuana amendment won’t cover all health ailments. The few that have been clearly detailed and defined as acceptable conditions can be found here.

There are, however, a few other conditions not detailed. The amendment leaves doctors wider latitude when it comes to prescribing medical marijuana. If a doctor views your illness as related to the above conditions or simply as highly debilitating, you may be allowed to receive medical marijuana. If the doctor feels that the potential risks of smoking marijuana are paltry compared to the benefits the consumer will receive, the consumer will qualify for medical marijuana in Florida.

Some states with legalized medical marijuana have allowed consumers to cultivate a small number of plants at home as long as they obey the strict quantity and possession laws and have a medical marijuana license. This is not the case in Florida, though. You will only be able to buy cannabis at licensed and state regulated marijuana dispensaries, also known as medical treatment centers. All grow houses and dispensaries must be authorized by the government. The state plans to closely watch the supply at all times to ensure that marijuana sales are always legal.

Yes, unfortunately, medical marijuana cardholders won’t be allowed to cultivate their own plants at all. Any private growing will remain a crime. If you’re caught growing cannabis plants at home, you’ll get a misdemeanor (with less than 25 plants) or a felony (more than 25 plants). If you’re unhappy with this system, make sure to advocate for more privileges or move to a more open-minded state.

It’s a strict program, as it always has been, but the good news is that medical marijuana cardholders who really need cannabis will be able to get their hands on the product they need. This program, while not offering all the freedoms of medical programs in other states, is still is legal marijuana program. There is plenty of time before the next big election to advocate for additional freedoms in regards to cannabis, so be sure to keep an eye on everyone in your local and state governments, and plan accordingly!