Euflora: Working to Transform 2018’s 420 Rally

420 Rally in 2016

420 Rally in 2016If you live in Colorado, you may have heard that 2017 was not a good year for the 420 Rally in Downtown Denver. Instead of ending with a peaceful pass of the joint, the world-renowned cannabis celebration ended with trash everywhere, and the professionalism of the budding young cannabis industry was thrown out the window. The terrible impression that this festival left on the city has caused many people to question if Miguel Lopez, the former permit holder, is the right person for the job. In fact, Pepe Breton, co-founder of Euflora Cannabis Dispensaries, is speaking out against Lopez, and challenging his appeal to renew his permit.

Euflora was a key sponsor in last year’s 420 Rally. Breton was frustrated with the outcome of the event and has recently become vocal about the negligence of Miguel Lopez. Euflora worked very closely with Lopez to put together an event that the city would be proud of. Yet, on the day of the event, everything fell apart. They were unable to live up to the promises they made. The event organizers were underprepared and underfunded. Lopez and his team did an injustice to the city, the dispensary vendors, and to the progress of full legalization nationwide.

Breton recently made the public aware that Lopez did not even have the money upfront to pay his headlining artists. In fact, Euflora had to loan the money to ensure that the artists were paid and the performance could happen. There were other budgeting problems. The event staff and security were not paid for their work, along with several service providers. These unethical practices are why Mr. Breton is taking matters into his own hands and is currently in line a record 15 days early to secure the 2018 permit, should it become available.


Euflora’s Vision

euflora - auroraEuflora has 4 dispensaries in the state of Colorado, located in downtown Denver & Aurora. They spread their passion for cannabis through providing a state-of-the-art shopping experience. When you walk into a Euflora boutique dispensary, you feel immediately welcomed. Their modern and elevated look gives the boutique a strong visual appeal that customers love. It is this professional, unique, and passionate cannabis culture that Breton wants to base the 420 Rallies on.

“Euflora is committed to seeing this process through to the end. We are committed to getting this permit and reimagining what this event could be. We envision a festival that combines grassroots activism and top-notch entertainment, culminating in a 420 celebration the entire city can be proud of.” Pepe Breton

The whole Euflora team is advocating the issue in a very public way. They decided to line up outside the Denver Parks & Recreation Building 7 days before the deadline for issuing permits on November 1, 2017. Furthermore, since the issue hasn’t been resolved since the publishing of this article, they are still camping out in front of the building. Breton knows that the city is wary of another 420 event but he is confident that he can change their views.

Breton and his team want to make this a festival that anyone 21 and up can enjoy. Instead of standing simply for the act of smoking cannabis, Breton wants the 42O event to also be a celebration of legal choice. After all, Colorado was the first in the nation to legalize cannabis and is one of the leading states in the industry.

While they wait for the city to release the permit, Euflora is continuing to spread the idea of their cultured event. They have publicly announced that they are reaching out to a wide spectrum of artists, and plan to create a more diverse and inclusive event. The state of Colorado took a difficult step forward by legalizing cannabis. Now it is up to the Colorado Cannabis Industry to give back to the people and the city of Denver, and professionalize this event in 2018.

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