Hey guys, it’s called V-day for a reason. . . Time to prove to your trap queen just how much you loVe her. Let’s start basic: We’ve all seen the heart-shaped candy box filled with bud correct? Is it original? Maybe not. Is it still genius? Duh! Who doesn’t like receiving flower?

I suggest stocking that box with tree from BioMeds or The Green Room, because baby I’ve seen their grows, and there ain’t nothing but love in those buds!

Maybe you’re a lingerie kinda guy. This year, skip the edible panties, (unless, well. . . their edibles?) and buy your lady a Pink Puff. Created by GH Labs, this is a fun way to lead into the kinky stuff.

Or, you can go classic pampering and buy her a 1 hour cannabis massage by Yeden. After this type of detox, you’re hunny will be so relaxed, she’ll forget about the $300 you lost in a Super Bowl bet. . . maybe.

If you’re the perfect gift giver already, let us know! What do you plan to get your Mary this year?

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