Elite CBD Products for Every Mood

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If the company's name doesn't give it away, Elite CBD is all about quality. They strive to be the best – as an online retailer, provider, and innovator in the cannabis space.

Elite CBD products are formulated with organic CBD oil extracts to create safe and effective options. Because all of the Elite CBD products are manufactured in-house, the result is beneficial to the customers, including competitive prices that cut out the middle man, a higher standard of quality, and an intimate awareness of customer needs and medicinal properties.

Farm to formula to consumer. That's it, according to the Elite CBD website.

And while there are tons of CBD retailers on the market, Elite CBD stands apart from the rest with their tailored approach; there are three specific product lines for different parts of the day and distinctly unique uses. There's no reason for one size fits all, especially when it comes to CBD. For example, a consumer should have more than one option if they want a boost of energy to get something done, versus a calming effect when they would rather get ready for bed.

The three separate Elite CBD lines, which include Enhance, Uplift, and Unwind, are all about mixing the benefits of CBD with other known compounds.

It's not just aromatherapy at work. Instead, these Elite CBD projects combine accurate doses of CBD with formulated, hand-crafted compounds for an epic, desirable combination.

Here's where to start, for any type of daily activity

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The "Enhance" line of products at Elite CBD stars the B12 vitamin, along with the expertly crafted and formulated CBD.

Vitamin B12 is an important nutrient that is vital to the health of the body. Adding doses of B12 throughout the day reportedly helps combat tiredness and fatigue.

Enhance products combine CBD with B12 to invigorate the body and mind. With this line -which includes CBD oil capsules, CBD oil drops, and CBD oil vape – anything is possible. It's a quick and easy addition to the day, that takes no time at all to implement.

It's about focus, and getting into the zone with a little extra, long-lasting help.


The "Uplift" line of products at Elite CBD is made with caffeine in addition to Vitamin B12.

Sometimes, you just need a bit of a boost to get going. Maybe it's right after waking up, maybe it's when that 3 o'clock mid-afternoon struggle starts to press. Or, maybe it is right before a hike or workout or a cleaning session, when you need a little push in the right direction.

Elite CBD's Uplift products are a great source of motivation. They offer several options, such as CBD oil drops, CBD oil vape, and CBD oil capsules, which are easy to take and fast-acting.


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Last but certainly not least is the "Unwind" product line from Elite CBD, which is made with melatonin.

It's all about the melatonin, baby. A major reason that people gravitate toward cannabis or hemp CBD products, in general, is because of sleep issues. At Elite CBD, they have taken that into consideration by developing their Unwind line. Melatonin makes for a straightforward and logical addition to CBD products, as they work together.

Like the other lines, Unwind is offered through CBD oil capsules, CBD oil drops, and through a CBD vape oil option.


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For all Elite CBD tinctures, flavors include natural or spearmint. CBD oil vape flavors include tropical twist or spearmint.

As with all Elite CBD products, the Enhance, Uplift, and Unwind product lines come with a top-quality guarantee. They are pesticide free, as well as THC free. Pure, Elite CBD, with some added blends of greatness to achieve whatever goals you have for the day.

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