Dopeboo: All About Cannabis Paraphernalia

Cannabis Paraphernalia

Cannabis ParaphernaliaNow that marijuana is legal in Washington, D.C. and 29 states, innovators and companies worldwide are looking for new ways to enter the industry. The legal cannabis market had $7 billion in revenue last year, and the market is growing exponentially. CNN Money reported that the cannabis market is expected to bring in more than $21 billion by the year 2020. Other reports put that number as high as $40 billion. If you are looking to start a business, it’s hard to ignore numbers like those, and new businesses are springing up every day in the cannabis industry.

What Is Cannabis Paraphernalia?

Cannabis paraphernalia is any product that is meant to prepare, conceal, or ingest marijuana. This includes pipes, bongs, rolling papers, screens, grinders, roach clips, rollers, vaporizers, etc. It is legal to possess paraphernalia even if you don’t live in a legal marijuana state, provided you’re over 18, because technically, paraphernalia like pipes, bongs, and vaporizers are advertised for tobacco use. New businesses in the cannabis industry are choosing to sell paraphernalia rather than cannabis or extracts in an attempt to avoid an issue with federal marijuana laws.

Traveling with Paraphernalia

Although marijuana is legal in 29 states and D.C., it’s classified as a Schedule 1 drug under the Controlled Substances Act, and therefore it’s still illegal under federal law. Until the federal law changes, people can still be charged. So, while it’s legal for you to have paraphernalia, it’s best not to have it with you if you are traveling to a state that hasn’t legalized marijuana. Each state has their own laws, and some are worse than others when it comes to possession.

If you live in a legal marijuana state, you will not need to worry about traveling within your state with marijuana paraphernalia. However, if you are traveling to an illegal state, it is best to leave your pipe or bong home. If you must take it with you, make sure it hasn’t yet been used or is immaculately cleaned so that if you are stopped, you can’t be charged with possession of a substance. Plain rubbing alcohol and salt are good items to use for keeping your pipe or bong clean.

Art and Weed

Dopeboo Glycerin Coil BongIf you are a long-time cannabis connoisseur, you may be perfectly satisfied with your go-to pipe and handy spaghetti strainer for your smoking needs. But if you are thinking that it may be time for an upgrade, you may be pleasantly surprised by how much has changed in the world of cannabis paraphernalia. Artists are now joining the cannabis bandwagon, and they are making beautiful pipes and other marijuana accessories out of wood, glass, porcelain, metal, and quartz. Creativity has always been a side-effect of marijuana, and now your tool for smoking can also be your muse.

It’s pretty easy to find an attractive pipe or a really groovy bong nowadays. Many shops are selling paraphernalia online. DopeBoo is an online supplier with a nice variety of cannabis paraphernalia, including pipes, bongs, and vaporizers. DopeBoo has a good-sized selection and they offer free domestic shipping in the United States. Live in the Netherlands? No problem! They will ship an order first-class for $19.95 overseas. How dope is that? They use plain cardboard boxes for discretion and items are shipped via UPS. They carry Di Vinci, Easy Vape, and Pulsar brands, while also featuring the Jane West Collection of bubblers, bongs, and pipes. One handy accessory DopeBoo has is the Star Wars-inspired Dank Star Grinder. It has a nice, deep bottom to store your ground weed. Made of metal for precision shredding, this grinder will have you smoking in no time. May the Force be with you.

You can find more cannabis accessories here.

Article by: Niko Mann is a proud partner of Leafbuyer.