Couple Accidentally Receives 65 lbs. of Marijuana in Amazon Order

amazon package editorial_Hadrian
Photo by: Hadrian / shutterstock

Yes, you read the title right. A Florida couple discovers over 65-pounds of marijuana in an order of four storage totes from Amazon. They were shocked when they went to pick up the order for 4 empty storage totes and discovered that they were not so empty.

The couple contacted authorities in fear that this issue could turn into something bigger if a person were to come looking for that valuable package of cannabis. They also contacted Amazon, but nothing has been solved over the months of emailing back and forth.

Amazon finally got back with them earlier this week and offered them a $150 gift card for their troubles, but the couple did not like that result.

With the investigation still going on, authorities have not been able to find the guilty party, and it seems that Amazon is not too worried about it themselves. The couple is demanding an apology and explanation on how something like this could happen, but nothing has come of it yet.


Photo by: Hadrian/