Cannabis has largely contributed to Colorado’s tourism industry in the past few years. Most first-time buyers probably know the short story behind legal weed in Colorado, you have to be 21, don’t consume in public and so on. But, if you’re curious and need to dig a little deeper into how you should approach your first dispensary visit look no further because here is your official first-time buyer guide.

Recreational dispensaries or adult use dispensaries are the best options for those traveling from out of state in order to try out the products available. Even if the traveler has their own medical marijuana card from another state- recreational dispensaries are the way to go. Before even entering the store customers must prove they are 21 or older. You should expect to present a government issued identification prior to even shedding a glance at any product offered. In most cases, you will be in a waiting area and let into the restricted purchase area upon acceptance of identification. It is also best to bring in cash with you in order to pay for your product. Although, some dispensaries will allow you to use a credit card as a debit card in order to better accommodate customers traveling to test the waters.

Due to the high levels of competition between dispensaries for customers, prices are fairly low in Colorado and particularly Denver. For the best deal around the Denver area, customers should expect to pay around $120 plus tax for an ounce of high-quality marijuana. For more on Colorado marijuana prices check out our full breakdown here.

As a first time buyer in the state of Colorado looking for a fully immersive experience at a dispensary, you should check out Native Roots, which has become one of the largest legal marijuana empires in the country. The dispensaries are currently the best that Colorado has to offer- consistently ranking first statewide. The budtenders working there will happily assist individuals in finding the product to best suit their needs. Consumers can also do the research themselves to find the best possibly strain or edible to suit their wants and needs, but also bear in mind your consumption methods, always consume responsibly.

No matter where you are in the state of Colorado, marijuana is easily accessible and finding a marijuana dispensary near you requires minimal driving as there certainly is no shortage of dispensaries within the state. The only difficulty users may run into is city ordinances. In Colorado Springs and Lakewood, you need to have a medical card in order to purchase from dispensaries there. Although it is legal in the state, individual cities can still enforce their own guidelines for users to follow.

Whether you’re a local that’s never been to a dispensary or a traveler coming to see what the hype is about for yourself always keep in mind the laws where you are and to enjoy your first time.