The Absolute Cheapest Indoor Grow Setup for Great Grows

cheapest indoor grow setup from front

Growing your own indoor cannabis may seem like a way to save money, and it is in the long run, but at first, it takes time and requires investing in grow equipment that will get you started.

However, purchasing long-lasting equipment and high-quality nutrients will give you better yields from your grows, and will ultimately save you money. For example, some nutrients may be sold at lower prices, but require more product to be effective, thus costing more money in the long run. Spending time to research the best products and dilute them properly will improve the quality and quantity of your grows, as well as conserve nutrients, microbes, etc. Invest in a parts-per-million (ppm) reader for diluting nutrients.

This will help you save money on nutrients by not using more than you need, as well as avoid nutrient burn on the plants. Here are some other great money-saving solutions for your indoor cannabis grow:

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Remember, it all starts with the seed! Seeds alone cost anywhere from $50 for 10 to $120 for 6, depending on the breeder and the genetics, as well as if the strain has won any awards. You don’t want to waste money on low-grade seeds. Attending cannabis trade shows or seed to sale events will give you the opportunity to meet breeders and purchase seeds at lower prices. There are also dispensaries throughout that also sell seeds, so look for local deals to save on shipping! Centennial Seeds in Lafayette, CO is a favorite.


HPS – metal ballast that can hold HPS or metal halide bulbs

LEDS are more expensive, but if you can find some at a good price, they work best in combination with an HPS bulb.


Fox Farm Ocean Forest – pair with Happy Frog


Fabric pots (Smart Pots)


Keeping your grow room clean is the easiest way to avoid dust and dirt from ruining your plants and costing you money.