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Sativa Hybrid

Skunk Haze x Cannalope Haze

Sweet Haze Strain

Sweet Haze is a sativa-dominant hybrid that is enjoyed by both consumers and patients. The clear-headed experience caused by Sweet Haze makes it a perfect daytime smoke. Its flavor profile is smooth while the aroma is diesel and funk. Sweet Haze strain may not be the most potent, yet it makes up for it with a beautiful bud structure and smooth inhale. Sweet Haze is an ideal flower for joints packed full of medicinal value. This strain is well-sought after by medical marijuana patients for its stellar array of therapeutic benefits.


medicinal use Depression


medicinal use Anxiety


medicinal use Pain



strain flavor Fruity

strain flavor Pine


strain flavor Skunky



strain effect Euphoric


strain effect Uplifted


strain effect Creative


Overview of Sweet Haze

Sweet Haze is a go-to cannabis strain for many consumers and patients. It has an excellent flavor that pairs perfectly with its sativa-like effects. Sweet Haze is best smoked during the day and is excellent for going on a hike, making a music playlist, getting some work done, or even cleaning the house. It is common to see Sweet Haze used by patients for a plethora of different uses. Sweet Haze stands out amongst other sativa strains and typically flies off the dispensary's shelves.

Potential Positive Effects of Sweet Haze

The usual effects associated with Sweet Haze are uplifting, energizing, and euphoric. Sweet Haze is the ideal balance that provides consumers with an energy boost that doesn't make them jittery.

Potential Medical Benefits of Sweet Haze

Medical marijuana patients have gotten a ton of therapeutic benefit from Sweet Haze. Sweet Haze is useful for helping patients with depression, inflammation, and nausea. It is hugely beneficial to patients with severe arthritis and cancer. Due to its anti-inflammatory effects, Sweet Haze is often used to help people recover from workouts.

Potential Negative Effects of Sweet Haze

There are not many adverse effects associated with Sweet Haze. Some consumers report feeling jittery, but the most common adverse effects are cotton mouth and dry eyes.

The Lineage of Sweet Haze

The lineage of Sweet Haze is a premium set of parents. Sweet Haze is the outcome of crossing Cannalopehaze and Skunk Haze. These unique parents were blended to create a cannabis strain with a great aroma, a clean high, and a beautiful jar appeal.

Growing Sweet Haze

Sweet Haze is a relatively tricky strain to grow. Beginning growers may struggle with Sweet Haze because it needs a lot of attention and may require constant adjustments. Its flowering time is usually around 60-70 days. Sweet Haze is suitable for both indoor and outdoor grows. Its average height is about 75 inches tall, so it does require a bit of space. The yield of Sweet Haze is not the best; however, it makes up for this in quality!

Where to Find Sweet Haze

Sweet Haze is not too hard to find. States like Oregon, Nevada, and Colorado tend to have Sweet Haze on their market. It is also common to see Sweet Haze in Canadian dispensaries.

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