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Sweet Cheese image

Sweet Cheese Strain

Sativa Hybrid Black Jack x Cheese
  • 20.0% THC
  • 1.4% CBD
  • 0.4% CBN
medicinal use Depression DEPRESSION
medicinal use Anxiety ANXIETY
medicinal use Nausea NAUSEA
medicinal use Cheese CHEESE
medicinal use Sweet SWEET
medicinal use Skunky SKUNKY
medicinal use Uplifted UPLIFTED
medicinal use Creative CREATIVE
medicinal use Euphoric EUPHORIC

Sweet Cheese is a sativa dominant hybrid strain that flaunts wonderful characteristics from both its beloved parents. Those who love a good Cheese strain will delight in Sweet Cheese’s unique aroma and flavor profile, which features a funky blend of sweet and sour. Sweet Cheese does not produce an intense high, but rather a profoundly soothing sense of relaxation. This strain is suitable for new smokers, but those with more experience enjoy Sweet Cheese’s gentle touch, too. Indoor growers beware: Sweet Cheese does best growing outside.

Overview of Sweet Cheese

Sweet Cheese is 70 percent sativa, and it has the looks to prove it. Buds of Sweet Cheese are elongated and almost delicate due to the fluffiness of the flower. Sweet Cheese nugs are springy without being dense, yet they remain caked in glittering trichomes. Woven in among the background of light green bud are red-brown pistils which catch the eye almost as much as the trichomes.

Most Sweet Cheese consumers are in it for the aroma. The notorious Cheese family shares a creamy, sour aroma that's unmistakable to the nostrils. Sweet Cheese exudes the classic aroma but elevates the cheesiness with a sweetness. Imagine the scent of creamy brie, combined with the aromatic equivalent of sweet grape flavor, and you'll come up with something like Sweet Cheese. Its Black Jack genetics also impart a slightly spicy woodiness, which adds complexity to the picnic-basket flavor. A small amount of beta-caryophyllene

Sweet Cheese is known for an average THC content of 15 to 20 percent. Some growers can coax up to 22 percent out of their yields, but it's quite rare to find such a high level of THC in retail Sweet Cheese.

Potential Positive Effects of Sweet Cheese

Sweet Cheese produces a high usually manageable for any consumer. The experience begins with a slow-building buzz, which enters the head and often creates the sensation of being in a gently bobbing boat. Sweet Cheese helps consumers take unwinding to the next level, by inspiring an upbeat attitude and spawning severe cases of the giggles. Profound relaxation permeates the body once the mental effects settle into place. Sweet Cheese's indica influence is subtle but manifests in mild sedation which works wonderfully with the uplifted psychological impact. This strain is ideal for a night in with a movie and a few friends, but not suitable for activities that require focus or critical thinking.

Potential Negative Effects of Sweet Cheese

Sweet Cheese's indica content also means consumers run the risk of getting a little too sleepy or a bit too lazy. As with any strain, consumers may also experience cottonmouth and bloodshot eyes.

The Lineage of Sweet Cheese

Sweet Cheese is a cross between indica dominant strains Black Jack and Cheese. Sweet Seeds built its brand on designing hybrids to delight the nose, and it certainly hit the mark with Sweet Cheese.

Growing Sweet Cheese

Sweet Cheese grows well indoors, but its extreme cheese scent makes it a bit pungent for most home growers. This strain flowers in eight to nine weeks, and sometimes provides above average yields in the hands of master growers. Not many cultivators grow Sweet Cheese, so its quirks are occasionally difficult to identify for beginners.

Where to Find Sweet Cheese

Sweet Cheese is a well-kept secret in the retail cannabis world and is popular mostly in Canada. Sweet Cheese in the United States is most common in Washington, Oregon, Nevada, and Arizona.

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