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Sunset Sherbet Strain

Indica Hybrid Girl Scout Cookies x Pink Panties
  • 23.0% THC
  • 0.1% CBD
  • 0.0% CBN
medicinal use Depression DEPRESSION
medicinal use Pain PAIN
medicinal use Nausea NAUSEA
medicinal use Earthy EARTHY
medicinal use Sweet SWEET
medicinal use Citrus CITRUS
medicinal use Relaxed RELAXED
medicinal use Uplifted UPLIFTED
medicinal use Happy HAPPY

Sunset Sherbet is a beautiful strain with vibrant colors and large nugs that are a delight to break apart thanks to their resinous texture. As an indica dominant hybrid, Sunset Sherbet manages to elicit a well-balanced high that integrates relaxation with a spark of sativa energy. It may take a while to feel the full effects, but once you do the high THC content of Sunset Sherbet makes itself known. Despite its popularity, Sunset Sherbet is challenging to find if you're looking to grow it.

Overview of Sunset Sherbet

Sunset Sherbet is a hybrid, but its indica roots make up 85% of its genetics. Sunset Sherbet is a potent strain with a delectable flavor and aroma. Its buds are loved for being rather large but retaining typical indica structure and density. The best batches of Sunset Sherbet are a real treat for the eyes with their tricolor composition. Their medium green leaves are threaded with the patches of purple and bright orange pistils that evoke the 'Sunset' in the name.

The purple coloring happens when anthocyanin, a pigment present in certain strains, is activated by cold temperatures during the plant growth.

Break open one of these sturdy, resinous nugs, and you'll be rewarded with a wonderfully sweet aroma. Underneath the scent of ripe berries, a light orange zest comes through. Take a more significant whiff, and you'll really notice the underlying skunky dankness that makes this strain so delicious. The scent profile is due in part to a significant concentration of caryophyllene, limonene, and humulene. Its overall effect is a decadent tropical flavor.

The THC in this strain is on the high end of the charts, averaging about 20-25% in most grows. The smoke on this strain is robust, so watch out for coughing and keep some water on hand. The effects, however, are worth it!

Potential Positive Effects of Sunset Sherbet

Despite being indica-heavy on the genetics side, the effects of Sunset Sherbet have quite a bit of sativa panache. The head high induced by this strain is energetic but relaxed, and ideal for creative and social situations. Despite the mental rush, the focus is still possible with Sunset Sherbet as your thoughts won't run too far away from you, and clear thinking is no problem with a bit of effort. Accompanying the mental boost is full-body relaxation that will improve anyone's day.

Potential Negative Effects of Sunset Sherbet

The most significant risk with Sunset Sherbet is getting dry mouth. While the cottonmouth can be irritating, it's nothing a little H2O won't fix! Couchlock is a distinct possibility, but this only occurs at substantial doses.

Lineage of Sunset Sherbet

Sunset Sherbet's popularity is no surprise when you consider its background. One parent is the highly lauded and ubiquitous Girl Scout Cookies. The other is Pink Panties, a member of the Blackberry Kush family.

Growing Sunset Sherbet

Seeds of Sunset Sherbet are not commercially available, so if you're looking to grow it you'll need to find clippings from a mature plant and clone it. If you want to grow Sunset Sherbet outdoors, you should live in a relatively humid climate with daytime temperatures in the 70s. Its flowering time is eight to nine weeks.

Where to Find Sunset Sherbet

Because seeds are unavailable, Sunset Sherbet is a very in-demand strain. The West Coast is where you'll find it, with Oregon, California, and Nevada offering the most options.

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