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Dutch Treat Strain

Indica Hybrid Unknown Hybrid
  • 15.08% THC
  • 0.24% CBD
  • 0.0% CBN
medicinal use Pain PAIN
medicinal use Nausea NAUSEA
medicinal use Anxiety ANXIETY
medicinal use Citrus CITRUS
medicinal use Fruity FRUITY
medicinal use Skunky SKUNKY
medicinal use Euphoric EUPHORIC
medicinal use Relaxed RELAXED
medicinal use Uplifted UPLIFTED

Dutch Treat is a multi-award-winning hybrid that is 80 percent indica with 20 to 30 percent THC level. Its origin is unknown but it's used heavily in the United States, Canada, and The Netherlands. Think lazy afternoons at the cannabis cafe, socializing and taking in heightened sights and sounds. Its fruit, pine, and eucalyptus flavors meld give an emotional and physical high that leaves your body light and airy and your mind relaxed and euphoric. It's an easy grow that produces large yields inside or outside. This strain is perfect for a night in with friends, or a solo exploration of your favorite activities.

Overview of Dutch Treat

Dutch Treat, also known as Dutch Crunch, is a hybrid strain, named after the term used to split a bill on a date. It's 80/20 indica with levels of around 1 percent CBD and 20 to 30 percent THC. This award-winning child has taken top in many competitions including the 2012 Southern California Cannabis Cup and frequently shows up in crossbreeding.

The dense and sticky bud has a strong smell of fruits, pine, and eucalyptus. It's tapered and cone-shaped with leaves that are wispy and soft. It's a speckled kernel with green, gold and yellow pistils underneath a thick coating of trichomes. It might be difficult to break apart because of the high resin content, but the smoke is smooth, with a mighty mouthful of herbs and pine. If pairing with a meal, this strain goes well with salmon, trout and other freshwater fish.

The sophisticated scent of Dutch Treat is dominated by limonene and humulene, which combine to create the earthy base notes of this aroma.

Potential Effects of Dutch Treat

The head high from Dutch Treat comes quickly. You'll feel uplifted, joyful, and even euphoric, all as your body warms from head to toe. You'll be very content, feel a bit talkative but also very spacey. Dutch Treat has a head high in the beginning. Usually, Dutch Treat is physically and emotionally felt.

Your body will feel floaty and lightweight, but not tired. If you smoke a higher dosage, you could start to feel sleepy so avoid pushing the limits unless you're solely trying to relax. This strain is great for watching movies, cleaning the house or writing.

Potential Negative Effects of Dutch Treat

Like any high-THC cannabis strain, Dutch Treat carries a definite risk of cotton mouth and dehydrated eyes. Due to its indica heritage, Dutch Treat is a candidate for couch lock as well.

Lineage of Dutch Treat

Dutch Treat comes from the Pacific Northwest, yet there is also talk of a breeder from Vancouver Island taking the credit. While the creator might remain unknown, growers are pretty sure Dutch Treat's parents are Northern Lights and Haze.

Their award-winning offspring were selected for crossbreeding, taking top prize in many competitions including the 2012 Southern California Cannabis Cup and.

Growing Dutch Treat

Growing Dutch Treat indoors or outdoors will yield hearty flowers. For an inside grow, you're looking at a six to eight-week process. You can control the plant's size through trimming but expect heights of about five feet. If you grow outside in a warm climate, you can get them more than five feet, and they might require the use of stakes to keep the plants upright. The ideal outdoor temperature ranges between 72 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. With this formula, expect a higher than average yield of four to eight ounces of flower late in September.

Where to Find Dutch Treat

You can undoubtedly find Dutch Treat in the Netherlands, but it's popular in the United States, too. Savvy shoppers will have the best luck in Colorado, Oregon, and Washington.

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