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Area 51 Strain

Area 51 is an evenly balanced sativa-indica hybrid that combines an uplifting yet focused head high with a relaxed body high, making it a perfect anytime strain for cannabis enthusiasts. Much like the top-secret United States government facility that the strain is named after, there is not an ample amount of public information about Area 51 cannabis.



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The creators of the Area 51 strain are unknown, and a Google search about the strain reveals very little about its lineage. There are unconfirmed rumors that it is the result of a cross between Cannatonic x Alien Abduction, two hybrids themselves, but the lack of consensus on this suggests that we still have a lot to learn about the secretive Area 51.

What we do know is this hybrid strain delivers the best of both worlds to recreational cannabis users; a combination of typical sativa and indica effects that don't lean too heavily on either. A few tokes will cause a rush of happiness, along with a burst of motivation. Area 51 pairs well with creative work, allowing the smoker to become relaxed and focused on the task at hand without an overwhelming onset of couch lock that would deter sativa smokers away from this strain. It's a good smoke for social engagement, as it makes the user talkative and lively while (in most cases) not becoming too racy or causing anxiety. For a strain with a potency of 20% to 23% THC, it's a major plus for this strain to have only minor side effects apart from the typical dry mouth.

Medical cannabis patients use Area 51 to treat a wide variety of ailments, beginning with stress and depression and moving on to pain relief and cramps. It's also prescribed to minimize symptoms of ADHD, migraines, post-traumatic stress disorder, and gastrointestinal issues. The fact that Area 51 does not cause excessive fatigue- and in some cases it can actually be used as a stimulant- makes the strain popular for medical patients that wish to remain productive throughout the day.

Buds of Area 51 are cone shaped, with an olive green hue and hairs that fall somewhere between bright orange and amber. The flower has a sweet citrus and floral aroma with some earthiness, and its flavor has similar characteristics. The lemony taste adds another positive element to Area 51's appeal. Overall, it's a smooth smoke that leads to a high that covers all the bases for Mary Jane lovers.

Area 51 is popular throughout the state of California, when it can be found. It is also periodically available in Oregon, Colorado, Washington, Arizona, Boston, and New York City. Smokers looking for a strain they can enjoy at any time of day should look out for Area 51 when and if it becomes more obtainable. One day we may finally know the true origin of this impressive strain (possibly before we find out what kind of UFOs are hiding out at that infamous United States Air Force base in Nevada from which the strain gets its name)

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