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ACDC, a sativa dominant phenotype of Cannatonic, is a balanced hybrid strain containing large amounts of CBD and little to no THC. ACDC, when grown correctly, expresses a 20:1 CBD to THC ratio, and because of this typically low level of THC, the strain produces almost no cerebral effect. ACDC usually tests between 16-24 percent CBD, making it an excellent choice for patients who need to treat pain, inflammation, anxiety, epilepsy, MS, and the harsh side effects of chemotherapy without feeling high. In fact, THC can test as low .2%, which legally classifies the strain as hemp, and may be used to make products for intractable pediatric epilepsy as well.


medicinal use Anxiety


medicinal use Anxiety


medicinal use Seizures



strain flavor Sweet

strain flavor Earthy


strain flavor Skunky



strain effect Relaxed


strain effect Happy


strain effect Tingly


Overview of ACDC

Although ACDC may conjure up memories from a rebellious youth, this cannabis strain isn’t nearly as electrifying as it sounds. Earning its name by testing at 22:1 CBD to THC, ACDC, a sativa-dominant hybrid, isn’t truly a “strain” at all. Instead, it is a phenotype of the strain Cannatonic, which produces a wide range of cannabinoid levels. In fact, only about 50 percent of Cannatonic plants develop the high-CBD producing characteristics of ACDC.

Popular in California, and rapidly gaining ground in other markets as well, this strain won many cannabis awards for its extraordinarily high levels of cannabidiol, CBD. Due to this high level of cannabinoid expression, ACDC is often used to make CBD products such as tinctures and concentrates.

With a typical cannabinoid ratio of 20:1, CBD to THC, this strain produces virtually no psychoactive effects which can make it accessible for pediatric use, daytime use, or for anyone looking for symptom relief without the cerebral effects. Rich in CBD, ACDC is often used to treat a variety of medical ailments including arthritis, multiple sclerosis, and seizure disorders.

With a significant lack of THC, ACDC is unlikely to make any waves in the recreational cannabis market as it doesn’t produce any psychoactive effects. On the other hand, CBD does create a robust body effect as it relaxes muscles, quiets nerves, and helps release tension and stress. Many patients report a tingling feeling which is beneficial for those suffering from pain. CBD is also well-known for helping with depression, insomnia, and even skin conditions like acne and superbug infections like MRSA.

Potential Positive Effects of ACDC

ACDC may not provide an altered state like other strains of cannabis, but for an overall improved sense of wellness, then this may be a perfect strain. ACDC is calming without sedation. Many patients may find the symptom relief and mental clarity of ACDC the ideal choice for daytime use.

Potential Medical Benefits of ACDC

The oil derived from the ACDC phenotype of Cannatonic shows promise in aiding cancer treatment. Medical patients living in a state with a medical marijuana program may want to seek out this potentially beneficial strain, especially if you have epilepsy, MS, anxiety, depression, or the side effects of chemotherapy.

Additionally, with the high levels of CBD, this strain may be beneficial for those seeking to treat opioid addiction through cannabinoid therapy.

Potential Negative Effects of ACDC

As with most cannabis strains, smoking ACDC can produce dry mouth and dry eyes. Those new to cannabis may experience slight dizziness, however, because of the high CBD content and low THC content there are rarely any other side effects reported with this strain.

Lineage of ACDC

Bred initially by the Spanish seed bank, Resin Seeds, this plant produces a pungent, sweet odor with skunky undertones. As mentioned, ACDC isn’t an actual strain; rather, it is an expression of cannabinoids within Cannatonic, a 50/50 indica/sativa hybrid. Only about half of Cannatonic seeds will produce the high 20:1 CBD to THC cannabinoid ratio and earn the ACDC nickname.

ACDC produces dense nugs which are dark green with orange pistils. Most report the flavor is earthy, resembling a pine or oak flavor with a slight hint of a sweet, skunkiness.

Growing ACDC

The only way to guarantee the ACDC phenotype of Cannatonic is to raise it from a clone. They are quick to root, but veg is slow. These plants prefer lower nutrient levels during the vegetative stage, so if you're running a hydro grow, make sure to cut the nutrients back to about half strength. During the flowering stage, she can handle full force. Harvest comes after 9 or 10 weeks

Your trichomes will be milky, but she will be ready. You can expect to harvest up to 2 ounces per plant. ACDC also does better indoors than outdoors, even though she grows like a sativa, so keep your space allotment in mind.

Where to Find ACDC

Found in nearly every legal cannabis market, ACDC is a highly sought-after CBD strain. ACDC commonly found in Colorado, California, Washington, Oregon, and Illinois.

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