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Acapulco Gold Strain

Acapulco Gold is a strain that many believe should be included in the Cannabis Hall of Fame (if there was such a thing). It hails from the region of Acapulco, Mexico and has been documented as far back as 1965. The strain has built a name for itself as a highly potent sativa that is difficult to find today.


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Acapulco Gold's notoriety stems from several factors. It was one of the first strains known to reach above 20% THC, and it continues to register between 19% and 24% THC, currently. Cheech and Chong referenced the strain in their classic 1978 stoner movie Up in Smoke. The exact genetics of Acapulco are unknown, which creates a shroud of mystery that only adds to its legend.

Capping it all off, Acapulco Gold is difficult to find in most dispensaries. This is largely due to the fact that it is typically only grown outdoors, which goes against the trend of commercial growers moving to indoor facilities with hydroponic setups. In addition, while Acapulco Gold produces high yields, its flowering time of 11 weeks far exceeds the average for a marijuana plant. Add these factors together and you have a rare breed of cannabis that most growers shy away from in favor of plants that can be grown indoors quicker.

The ?Gold' in its name refers to the bud's pistils, which have an orange shade that almost looks like gold as the plant begins its harvest period. Buds of Acapulco Gold are sticky, thick and fluffy. The strain's aroma is reminiscent of burnt toffee and its flavor is sweet. Smokers have described hints of honey, fruit snacks, cinnamon, ginger, coffee, and nutmeg after inhaling some Acapulco Gold.

The uplifting rush of euphoric energy makes Acapulco Gold a favorite among sativa lovers that need a jolt of motivation to carry them through creative tasks like composing music or visual art. It can often be a racy high that is typical of highly potent sativas, though the cerebral rush will eventually give way to a relaxing body high. Smokers should be prepared for a long-lasting effect, as Acapulco Gold can keep the user "nicely toasted" for two hours or more.

Medical marijuana patients turn to Acapulco Gold (if they can find it) to treat depression, stress, arthritis, fatigue, migraines, and PTSD. Acapulco Gold is known to cause the customary dry eyes and dry mouth, and in some cases, its racy onset can cause a short spurt of anxiety or paranoia before the soothing body high replaces the cerebral buzz.

Due to its 80% sativa dominance, Acapulco Gold is a good wake-and-bake or daytime strain that can power the smoker through the afternoon and evening. It is most popular in Washington state, but it can occasionally also be found in the Los Angeles area and some parts of Nevada. Fans of Acapulco Gold usually need to pay top-shelf prices for the strain, as its potency and rarity combine with its history to command premium status in the cannabis world.

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