7 Father’s Day Gifts for the Marijuana-loving Dad in Your Life

weed fathers day gifts

Dads are the best. Where would we be without the glory and influence of dad culture? It's the mixture of cringy-yet-funny jokes, jean shorts, grilling tips, and well-intended advice we just can't get enough of.

While many fathers would appreciate any gesture of kindness on their namesake holiday — maybe a ticket to a baseball game or a technology upgrade or a pair of white New Balance sneakers — some dads desire something a little outside the norm to complement their green-friendly attitudes.

For the dads that croon, "I'm a joker, I'm a smoker, I'm a midnight toker!" at the top of their lungs, here are a few ways to show your appreciation this Father's Day

Weed Father’s Day Gifts

Weed-infused Tea

This Father’s Day, Cannabis products are the perfect choice. Does your dad prefer tea over coffee? Not to worry — there's an alternative option for anyone looking to get a kick in their taste buds with extra leafy infusion. Kikoko Teas are a popular brand of cannabis-infused teas that come in a variety of flavors and uses. Treat dad to an herbal drink that meets his every day needs; introduce him to Tranquili-tea, Sympa-tea, and Positive-tea. He'll thank you enthusiastically as he sips his fresh brew, morning, day, and night.


Practical. Hands-on. Fun. If he needs one, don't shy away from getting your dad a nice new grinder for Father's Day. As an essential tool for any stoner who likes to get down and dirty with their cannabis, grinders are important accessories that often get overlooked. Save your dad a little time and money by picking one out for him; this five-piece option has a pollen catcher and a magnetic lid — amenities that can't go wrong. Go forth and grind, Dad.

Hemp Shirt

Dads have a way of being sensible: Encourage sustainability and eco-friendliness by investing him a Patagonia hemp fiber shirt. Not only is this shirt made from high-quality materials, it's also perfect gear for an active lifestyle, noting breathability and sturdiness. He'll be able to throw on this shirt for hiking, camping, or just spending time outside: grilling, playing catch, or watering the lawn. If his frugal-dad senses start to tingle, reassure him that the price tag reflects quality — He'll get use out of a product that will last, wear after wear.

Subscription Box

Feeling inspired by mom's recent haul from a weed-friendly monthly box? Go ahead, schedule a subscription for dad, too. Thanks to the steady popularity of delivered variety boxes, consumers can bulk-order a box full of the best, trendiest, and essential smoking products and accessories on the market. Surprise your pops with a mix of fresh and new material.

Smoker's Digest Box is a high-quality option offering both novelty and posh THC-themed items and paraphernalia, plus a magazine for some high reading. SensiBox is another personal shopper, supplying five or more smoking essentials, such as gear, snacks, hemp products, and glass pieces. No matter what you choose, each shipment will leave your dad eagerly awaiting his next shipment.

Homemade Meal

With his permission (and maybe help, for the hands-on daddios in our lives), spike your dad's favorite meal for an enhanced culinary experience. A twist on classic dad fare, for example, could be a pancake and cannabis-infused bacon breakfast. That's right — it's possible to make bacon even more appealing. Two slices from this recipe are equivalent to one dose, so be sure to monitor the intake accordingly. Keep in mind: wait about half an hour after eating the goods before having any more — it can take a while for the body to metabolize the infusion and start to feel the effects.

If your dad is more interested in a sweet treat, try some homemade weed cookies instead.

CBD Salve

Sometimes dads have rough or calloused hands in need of some extra love and attention; those hours working hard, swinging a baseball bat, or proving they can still handle monkey bars have taken their toll. Give your dad the relief he deserves with a CBD-infused salve. A bonus? CBD is non-psychoactive, so adding this topical into his daily routine won't interfere with his regular life in any way. Look up any dispensary nearby to see their collections of topical lotions, salves, and balm.

Roll Pouch

Class things up with a very chic gift that any weed-loving dad will gladly accept: the Kavatza Roll Pouch. With an old-school and regal design, this leather rolling pouch is a chance to take pleasure in a commonplace activity, with careful attention and consideration. Each roll is handcrafted and lovingly put together, which when coupled with a handmade pouch, provides all the accessories needed for creating a delicious j. The roll pouch also comes with a wooden tray and a poker, completing the set as a must-have for any dad who is ready to light up.

Happy Father's Day to all the marijuana-loving dads out there!