Trimco Cannabis Trimming: The Machine Advantage


Ask any die-hard, old school grower what they think about machine-trimmed bud, and you’re likely to get an unpleasant earful. They’ll wax poetic about the myriad advantages of trimming their crop by hand, and probably sprinkle in some colorful language surrounding the advent of automated trimming machines. But are cannabis trimming machines really the mangling monsters that many make them out to be? The short answer is no, and Trimco has the answers why.

Advances in Tech

Trimming machines have been around for quite some time now; certainly long enough to build up a bad reputation; and in all fairness, they were pretty awful when they first came onto the market. However, with the growing acceptance of recreational cannabis, and the slow march of legalization making marijuana available in more and more states, there’s been time and incentive for the industry to mature.

That means more competition to create the best harvest. Trimco’s wide range of marijuana trimming machines is perfect examples of a technology that’s made huge strides in the past few years.

Cost Effectiveness

Obviously, the greatest draw to a renting or purchasing a marijuana trimming machine from Trimco is the fact that it cuts your labor costs dramatically. A machine can process cannabis up to 50 times faster than a human, which is why so many major dispensaries and producers are starting to use them.

While trimming machines are excellent for a large business’ bottom line, they’re undeniably useful to personal growers as well. Many people who grow their own marijuana do so for medical reasons and aren’t able to put in the physical work it takes to trim multiple plants’ worth of buds. For example, in Colorado, you can cultivate up to 6 plants under most circumstances. If they were all ready to harvest at once, you’d be looking at a very good amount of weed, all of it needs to be processed and trimmed. If you have a chronic condition that limits your mobility, you’ve either got to have a big group of family and friends willing to help out or, at even more of a cost, hire people to get the cannabis job done.

Now, you can rent a trimming machine and skip the hassle of organizing labor and maintaining the security of your grow. You can rent one for as long as you need it, for a reasonable daily fee that is the lowest in the State of Colorado.

Job Quality

TrimCo Cannabis Trimming MachineMachine-trimmed buds have a reputation for being beat-up and ugly to look at, but that’s just a result of improper trains and/or using the wrong kind of machine. Trimco has over 15 years of experience in cannabis and horticulture, so they know their stuff when it comes to selecting and offering top-grade machines.

Whether you’re looking to buy a machine for your cannabusiness or just need to rent one for a day or two to process your crop, you can rest assured that Trimco can help you find the right setup for you.

The thing about Trimco fleet of marijuana trimming machines is that you can always expect consistent quality. When you’ve got your cousin or some random hire trimming for you, there’s just no way to ensure consistent quality, productivity, and security. Go with Trimco for a great result, every time.

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