The Top 5 Most Discreet Cannabis Vaporizers

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There are so many fun, new interesting ways to get high. Really, after all of these years of technological advancements and exploration, I’m glad that people have still spent so much time researching and developing fabulous new ways to enjoy one of the longest-lived ways to unwind after a long day of working. Everyone loves weed. Smoking from glass bowls or pipes, rolling joints or blunts, and of course, vaping. If you vape, it’s probably painfully obvious to you that not all vapes are created equally. Some vapes are super big and bulky, and others are pocket sized and can still get the job done. Here are the best (and most discreet!) vaporizers on the market for under $300.

1. Kandypen’s K-Vape

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This vaporizer pen isn’t the smallest, but it’s one of the best. At $119, this bad boy packs a powerful, long-lasting punch. It’s sleek, black matte finish with sharp clean lines and silver button makes it a very sharp looking piece. Now, not everyone collects vaporizers, so if you don’t care about the design, no worries. Although it isn’t the smallest pen on this list, it’ll still fit in a pair of jeans with deep pockets, or an average sized jacket or coat pocket. Another cool thing is that the body is just two pieces, instead of several like many other cannabis vaporizers. The two interlocking pieces make it easy to keep track of. This pen hits like a sledgehammer. You don’t have to drag it to get a good hit. It also won’t produce much visible vapor, so that if you’re trying to get away with vaping in public, it’ll be a little easier to manage. The only issue many people have with it is that like the chrome pens, you must push the button five times to turn the vaporizer on and off. Otherwise, the K-Vape is an amazing bang for your buck.

2. V2 Pro Series 3

The next vaporizer on this list is 3 from the V2 Pro Series. This vaporizer is available on the market starting at $149, which is great. This vaporizer is one of the best with a very reasonable price tag. The V2 is a very small, sleek little vaporizer that has two internal chambers. One chamber for loose leaf marijuana flower, and another for liquid. The design is so sleek with a silver finish and a single button. It makes for a vaporizer anyone could use. It’s also such a tiny little unit you can fit it almost anywhere. Slide it in down your winter boots, put it in your purse, stuff it in your bra, or any of your pockets and you’ll be perfectly fine. The good news is that even though it’s so small and works really hard, the system stays cool to the touch, which is fantastic if you have to stash it away very quickly. It’s super powerful as well, with three heat settings – low, medium, and high. These settings are great for when you want a nice gentle puff of weed or a nice hot and harsh smoke. Different strokes for different folks. It hits well without dragging, and like the K-Vape, it doesn’t release a bunch of visible vapor. Overall, this vaporizer has been touted the “top-performing loose leaf vaporizer on the market” because it’s so simply designed, versatile, and very user-friendly.

3. The Indica Vaporizer

If you like vaporizers that are designed to look like something else, you’re in luck! At $199, the Indica Vaporizer is shaped like a large Zippo lighter. It carries the same convenience as a zippo lighter, as it’s small and discreet, as well as looking like something else entirely. There’s a small chamber on the bottom of the vaporizer that you can load .3 grams of weed into. The really neat thing is that this bad boy has a tiny computer inside, and it’s processors will allow for complete and total temperature control. The Indica is probably the best discreet vaporizer on the market for under $300. It’s the same size as a zippo lighter, and it’ll fit comfortably wherever you’d stick a lighter. Keep in mind that with it’s small size, the Indica can get warm to the touch, which makes quick stashing kind of a hassle. Luckily, it looks like a lighter and you shouldn’t really need to stash it quickly. The Indica vaporizer packs a wallop for such a small size. You have to drag it a bit, but once you do, you’re set to jet.

4. The Pax 2

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The Pax 2 is one of the sleekest looking bad boys out there. Seriously, look at it. It looks like something straight out of a science fiction movie that takes place in the future. Everything is chrome in the future, right? The Pax 2 has been called the Apple of the vaporizer world because the design is just so clean. It’s so tiny, too. You can close your fist around it unless your hands are freakishly tiny. The Pax 2 is easily the best discreet vaporizer available. At a glance, it could be mistaken for an old iPod nano. The Pax 2 is also one of the best options you can get your hands on for getting toasted. It produces a lot of vapor for you to enjoy, and it stays cool to the touch. At $279, it’s a bit pricey, but well worth it. It’s strong, discreet, and completely idiot-proof, all fantastic qualities in a vaporizer.

5. The Atmos Raw (RX) Junior Vaporizer

I had to include this vaporizer. It’s by far one of the most popular cannabis vaporizers on the market, and it has been for quite some time now. It’s a nice sleek, simple design that comes in several colors and patterns. The vaporizer breaks into 3 separate pieces for easy cleaning and herb reloading. Roughly the size of a sharpie marker, this pen is one of the stealthiest vapes you can get for under $100. This vape is the cheapest, at $49, but don’t take it the wrong way. Essentially, this vaporizer is a smaller version of it’s original derivative, the Atmos Raw vaporizer. The junior vape is much smaller in length, allowing it to be used for stealthier more discreet vaporizing. It also has a smaller herb chamber. The battery capacity is only 200 milliamps compared with the Raw’s 650 milliamps. Neither of these traits are deal breakers though. You may have to refill your chamber more often than you normally would, but that’s only because the draws you have are equally powerful and flavorful. The only cons to really consider is that it has the potential to get pretty hot if you’re dragging it. It also has a smaller battery, so if you’re taking it on the go, you might need to consider having two batteries and always keeping a spare battery charged and ready to go.

So these are the top 5 discreet cannabis vaporizers on the market for less than $300. All of these are fantastic overall. They’re all incredibly versatile too, so try them all. Life’s too short to smoke out of a crappy vaporizer. Have your tried any of the vaporizers on this list? What did you think?