California has been ahead of most other U.S. states in the push for marijuana legalization, and it's definitely been to their advantage. The latest weed news out of San Francisco involves their new Kind Courier bicycle delivery service, which delivers medical marijuana to patients throughout the city. 

A large majority of Californians bike from place to place as opposed to driving due to congested streets and high gas prices. As a result, bicycling has become a popular, sustainable choice of transportation. 

Kind Courier began in 2015 as one of the most unique delivery services in San Francisco, due in large part to their team of marijuana bicycle couriers. Not only are Kind Courier’s employees efficient bicyclists, but they also have a vast knowledge of marijuana products, making them not unlike mobile budtenders.  

Kind Courier carries a wide variety of products, which are chosen to support local marijuana businesses. The owner, Brian McMorrow, expressed his desire to support more local businesses that have existed in California for years. All of their products' packaging is made out of cardboard and vegetable ink, which makes for efficient recycling and composting.  

In the future, Kind Courier will release product boxes featuring local artists, and they plan on initiating a membership program. Stay tuned for future weed news posts to see what this innovative and sustainable marijuana courier service does next!