It started with six. Six dispensary owners and growers created O.penVAPE in 2012. Since that point it has effectively become one of the largest brands in the industry, earning CEO Jeremy Heidl, a spot on the Leafbuyer 2016 Power List. The company now turns out high-quality oils and vaporizers all across the country and even internationally!

One factor of O.penVape’s appeal was the signature pen’s size. The company offers one of the smallest vape pens on the market and thrives on the premise of convenience. From the simplicity of screwing the oil cartridge into the pen to the absence of smell or mess, O.penVape is a brand that consumers of any experience level can enjoy. A lifetime warranty also aids in pulling in consumers and expanding the brand.

Jeremy Hiedel O.penVapeAnother attractive feature is the vaporizer’s similarity in design to e-cigarettes. Some consumers say it is even easier –the O.pen operates simply with no buttons! Users just draw in air through the mouthpiece and the pen self-heats. The main ingredient used in the basic O.pen product is polyethlyene glycol – the same product used in infant inhalers. Their more expensive models are uncut entirely.

On their site, O.penVAPE states that it started as a collective effort and continuously works to maintain that concept. The company takes time to train investors and works tirelessly to build a consistent culture. This focus seems to have paid off. The company itself grew 1,600 percent within the first year in medical sales exclusively. They followed the second year with another 800 percent growth. The stores that carry their product often find that O.penVAPE directly contributes to over a quarter of their sales!

O.penVAPE’s parent company, OrganaBrands, has taken bold steps to become one of the world’s biggest marijuana companies. The marketing that O.penVAPE has used to set them apart from the rest of the competition has undoubtedly grown the entire industry as well.