The latest poll conducted by Gallup shows that nationwide support for legal marijuana is at an all time high. With eight states and the District of Columbia having marijuana legalized nationally, we can see that the perception of the banned substance is changing for the better. Recreational and medical marijuana dispensaries are opening across the nation, and people are traveling just to try recreational marijuana.

The poll was first conducted by Gallup in 1969 with 12% of Americans in support of legal marijuana. Ten years later, the support for legal marijuana doubled and the figure stayed around 25% until 2001, when support hit an all-time high, around 34%. Now, in 2017, support for legal marijuana has hit a new record high with 64% of the population in support of legalization.

Another poll by Gallup shows support from Republicans is also at an all-time high with 51% being in favor of legalization. With the support for legal marijuana rapidly growing across the nation, it will only be so long until we see this issue on a national ballot.


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Poll by: Gallup