SAN BERNARDINO, CA: Police in San Bernardino detained a Pacific Palisades woman last week after law enforcement officials simultaneously raided three locations in what is suspected to be one of the biggest indoor drug raids in the city's history. Law enforcement officials are describing the 43-year-old Pacific Palisades woman, Stephanie Smith, as a drug queen who was single-handedly running a marijuana operation earning millions of dollars every month.

The San Bernardino Police along with the ATF, Inland Valley SWAT Team, and Riverside Police confiscated more than 24,000 cannabis plants from the three locations, the largest being an old downtown Pacific Bell in San Bernardino. Police describe the warehouse as being several floors full of marijuana plants. San Bernardino police Lt. Mike Madden said that the complex operation was the largest of its kind that he's seen so far.

One location was located on that same street as the San Bernardino Police Department, and police were unsure as to how long Smith had been in business right under their noses. Police say that neighbor complaints led to them uncovering the multi-million-dollar marijuana empire. The building had four floors outfitted with complex irrigation and heat lamps bringing the property a monthly utility bill of $67,000 per month. Police had been investigating the operation for two months before they raided the three locations.

Kentucky Man Arrested for Growing Ganja

ROCKCASTLE CO., Ky. — Kentucky State Police arrested Matthew Green for growing more than 180 marijuana plants in his residence. Police also found a deep freezer allegedly belonging to Green in a building nearby his property containing a pound of marijuana. According to the citation, Green had planned to travel to Florida to sell the pound of packaged marijuana for $2500.

Police said that Green was running an elaborate illegal cultivation operation in the building on his property. Law enforcement also said that 5 children live with Green in the residence near the building where marijuana was being cultivated. Law enforcement officials are charging Green, 41, with 5 counts of endangering the welfare of a minor. The children are between 5 and 13 years of age. Green is also being charged with growing and trafficking marijuana illegally.

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