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Variety is the spice of life, and the internet is chock-full of variety for smokers. Don’t bother looking at online smoke shops who only carry a limited number of bongs and weed accessories in stock. is not just a place to buy cheap bongs or products that can easily be found at a hobby shop like Spenser’s. This is a great go-to place for stoners to browse quality, unique, and reliable cannabis products.

Reputations are built on outstanding trust and service. At, you can put away all your fear and paranoia regarding buying marijuana products, we put in countless hours and only team up with reputable companies, will never be over inflated, and remember privacy is a priority at

Affordable Prices

Live Stoner LogoThere is an unfounded claim that all bongs, accessories, and products are more expensive online. This, like anything else retail in the world, will depend on the store, not the platform. E-commerce, in fact, allows for more savings by both the business and the customer. Shipping is often free, overseas manufacturers keep the bottom-line low and passes on the savings to our buyers.

Being able to hold larger quantities of stock outside the hands of the state brings better products at lower prices. concentrates on sourcing quality items at low costs to all clients. We can give awesome deals by creating solid associations with the cannabis industry and experts around us! We research our products to supply the glass and accessories with the best styles at a moderate cost (also free delivering on purchases doesn’t hurt).

Higher State of Mind

We know what smokers want and need. We cater to you because we ARE YOU. The thing we love more than our business is our fans/customers. To show our appreciation we do giveaways each month, supply fans with stickers and find them the products they need for medicinal and recreational purposes. We hope you join our stoner squad and contribute to our cannabis society!

Outstanding Customer Service

Livestoner giveawayClient happiness is the most valuable and rewarding part of being a store owner. You can pose any inquiry you might want to help settle your mind on the ideal item for you. Regardless of whether you require help picking out what sort of glass is appropriate for you, or what might be the best choice for a gift, we are here to meet your needs by answering all of your questions. Our staff is made up of expert stoners who are prepared to help you understand any and all things cannabis.

Speedy and Convenient

There is nothing simpler than shopping on the web. Going into physical stores to search for smoking accessories can be a long and strenuous process because of travel time, store hour limitations, and possible discomfort from having to buy in person. It happens.

Shopping on the web enables the client to:

  • Buy whenever you need
  • Buy from wherever you need
  • Get it brought to your doorstep
  • Alter your request
  • Make easy returns

Guaranteed Quality Products

Item quality is the number one goal when making a decision. At, we have an elevated expectation for quality. Each product we list experiences a thorough review to check for any shortcomings so the client gets the best quality items.

Our online smoke shop will offer a straightforward, no bs access to tons of smoking products. We are the new generation of smokeshops and helping other cannabis related business grow and thrive. When you choose to shop with us you also help the cannabis community grow.

Say ‘High’

Got any comments or suggestions for Shoot us a message via the Contact page and we’ll get back to you in less than a day. We’re always open to ideas for new products or locating that perfect weed accessory that would complete your collection. Remember: it’s puff, puff, pass – use the stoner buddy system!

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