Leafbuyer’s Guide to 710

dabbing with an enail
Roxana Gonzalez/shutterstock

710What does 710 spell upside down? That’s right, OIL! We’re excited that the national (in our eyes) holiday of 7/10 is just around the corner, and we’re going to fill you in on how to make it the best holiday since 4/20.

Look at my DAB

The oil, the wax, the sticky stuff; there are so many different ways to appreciate the dabbing, but one must start with understanding what makes it so great. Using solvents (like butane, propane or supercritical co2) or solventless processes, professionals create the wondrous wax, budder and shatter that we know so well. There can be anywhere from 50% to 90% of THC, the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana (which is far more than you’ll get with the regular green in your blunt) in each form and all the cannabinoids and terpenes you crave!

You’ll never be bored exploring this increasingly popular realm of marijuana, just be sure to get the proper tools first. A nail, rig, torch and of course, the concentrate. How does it work? If you’re using the traditional water rig (slightly altered to master the art of dabbing), you take your torch & heat up the nail, then scoop the concentrate of your choice using a tool called a dabber. Finally, place the wax/shatter/live resin carefully on the nail attached to the rig and inhale the tasty vapor! The results? Depending on the size of the dab you take, you are more than likely to experience an instantaneous high. You can also obtain similar results by using a battery powered vaporizing pen or tools like honey straws.

Can I Make My Own Rig?

Possibly. We’ve heard of people using things like knives, paperclips and butchered pop cans/water bottles, but tell me this: how long do you think it took them to think of, concoct, and utilize these jimmy-rigged-rigs? Go to your nearest dispensary and let the professionals take care of you. Who knows what you’re really inhaling with those aluminum cans and plastic bottles.

Why Don’t We Party?

In the past you could find events being put on like the 710 Cup, and other local shindigs, but legal crackdowns are still all too common. Soon concentrate connoisseurs will have places to publicly consume; until then, enjoy 710 with your buds! Find photos of Denver’s 710 cup from 2013, here.

ALL the dispensaries around town will be offering deals for this decadent day, so be sure to check out Leafbuyer to see all the best concentrate deals!