BURBANK, Calif.Businesswoman and former model Kathy Ireland has partnered with Isodiol International to make a new CBD wellness line.

Level Brands marketing has just launched the new line of CBD products under Ireland's successful brand named kiWW (kathy ireland Worldwide and purposely not capitalized) in partnership with Isodiol.

Isodiol is a Canadian company specializing in CBD products and cultivates its own cannabis. The company has joined with Ireland to sell the CBD line under the former model's brand as a new health and wellness line. The new CBD line is named kathy ireland Health & Wellness.

The new CBD line features organic hemp CBD supplements blended with botanicals and vitamins to promote optimum health. The supplements come in capsule form and contain 25 mg of CBD for $59.99. The line also features tinctures that come in two strengths of CBD, 500 mg for $99 and 2500 mg for $199.

Ireland's brand also sells accessories and handbags, apparel, beauty products, and home décor. The successful brand has generated at least $2.5 billion per year and is marketed for women. Women make up 58 percent of the rapidly-growing CBD market and the new line is focused on the expanding demographic of CBD consumers.

CBD has health benefits such as relieving anxiety, depression, epilepsy, inflammation, migraines, pain, and PTSD among others. Ireland's products come in five varieties to help you sleep, reduce inflammation, improve joint function, boost your immune system, and overall wellness.

CBD Belongs at Walgreens

Ireland says that her products are built on research and many years of building her brand. The former model also noted that it was important to understand that hemp has numerous health benefits and is not psychoactive.

"It has no undesired psychological side effects. The Level Brands and Isodiol collaboration is bringing, and will continue to bring to market, the best quality hemp-derived CBD products, without any psychotropic elements." Ireland compares consuming hemp to eating a grape before it is fermented into wine.

The business tycoon is also a philanthropist and advocate for humanitarian causes such as ending human trafficking, eradicating poverty and racism, and promoting gender equality. Ireland has served as an ambassador for the Elizabeth Taylor Aids Foundation and the YWCA.

Ireland hopes that adding her name to CBD products will help to diminish the stigma associated with cannabis and CBD. "There's a stigma attached, and there's no reason for that. It belongs in Walgreens," said Ireland.