Jeff Mizanskey Finally Granted Parole

Judge Sternly Pointing
Photo by: Indypendenz/Shutterstock

You have probably heard of Jeff Mizanskey, a Missouri man serving a life sentence without parole for repeat non-violent marijuana offences. We have covered his story several times as his family has petitioned on sites like and Facebook for the governor to commute his ridiculous sentence.

Now, finally, Jeff and his family have announced that he has been granted parole after over 20 years of fighting for his freedom. He is set to be released within the next 10 to 25 days.

According to Jeff’s son, Chris Mizanskey, Jeff was granted parole in his recent hearing after his sentence was commuted by Governor Jay Nixon in May. Jeff has been in prison since he was 41. He is now 62 years old.

From Jeff’s petition:

“My father has been in prison since he was 41. His parents, my grandparents, have since passed. While my dad has been trapped behind bars, generations of kids and grandkids have been born into our family who have never even met the man. The State of Missouri spends roughly $22,000/year to keep him locked up. Meanwhile all my dad wants to do is be a productive part of society, work and pay taxes, be with his family. And I want my dad back.”