How to Roll a Rose Blunt

Couples who smoke together stay together – and nothing screams stoner love quite like a joint rolled with rose petals. That's right, you can make your significant other the best weed-themed romantic gift using only some weed, a rose, and a little bit of patience. A rose blunt is a romantic DIY gift for any stoner couple looking to make smoking weed just a little sweeter.

You can't get high off a florist's bouquet (or can you?) but you can learn how to roll a rose blunt and hit two birds with one stone. Great for a unique Valentine's gift, using up pretty but otherwise useless bouquets, or just impressing people with an unusual skill. So gather ye rosebuds and get ready to wow your lover.

Take advantage of Leafbuyer's fantastic dealslearn how to roll a rose blunt, and make that special stoner feel the love this year. After all, nothing says, "I love you" like smoking some flower wrapped in flower.

Tools for Rolling a Rose Blunt

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All you really need to make a romantic rose blunt for your weed-loving date is some good weed, a pair of scissors (optional), and a rose, specifically the petals. Make sure you're using as natural a rose as you can find, preferably from your own garden! It's important to note that not all types of roses taste the same. You'll probably want to go for a tastier variety of rose for rolling your rose blunt.

Picking a strain for your rose blunt should be easy! Just think of sweet, floral, or even creamy strains for a perfect flavor profile for your rose blunt experience. You can also use your personal favorite strain (or your lover's favorite strain) for a touching detail on your homemade rose joint. Other than weed and rose petals, you don't need anything except for a little saliva and a lighter for when all the work is done! Yes, it really is that simple.

How to Roll a Rose Blunt

Knowing how to roll a rose blunt is all about knowing how to roll a normal blunt. After all, the only difference is a little pre-assembly with the rose petals! If you're confident in your joint/blunt rolling ability, then rolling a rose blunt should be a walk in the park. You can enjoy this special Valentine's weed treat however and whenever you want: at home in a romantic bubble bath, under the stars for a nighttime date for stoners, or even (to be very meta) during a walk in the park! Just make sure to take some time to stop and smell the roses when you're learning how to roll a rose blunt:


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  1. Find a rose with large, undamaged petals in whatever color you like the most! Red, pink, orange, yellow, and white are great natural colors for this. Beware: dyed roses, though pretty, may not be good for smoking.
  2. Cut off the end of each petal, removing the part that originally connected it to the flower, and discard. You want nice, flat petals for your rose blunt.
  3. Remove the best petals and set them aside overnight to dry out. This step can also be achieved by heating your oven to a low temperature and setting the rose petals inside to dehydrate. This should only take about ten seconds in the oven so keep an eye on them!
  4. Arrange the petals in an overlapping row to determine the size and shape of your rose blunt. More petals mean a larger blunt – just aim for the size and shape of normal rolling papers if you want an easy-to-roll rose blunt.
  5. When you're satisfied with the size and shape of your rose petal wrap, stick the petals together with a little saliva. Just like a normal blunt, you can't get things to stick without a little spit! And if you're giving this to a significant other, the saliva really shouldn't really be an issue. Continue this step until the petals are seamlessly attached and ready to roll.
  6. Set your petals aside to dry and in the meantime, grind up your special weed until fine. Arrange the weed evenly into the middle of your rose petal paper.
  7. Now this is the tricky part – just like you would a normal blunt or joint, roll the rose petals and weed between your thumbs and forefingers. Hand-rolling is the best method for this particular type of blunt since a rolling machine may damage the petals. Some weed is bound to spill out of either side with a rose blunt so don't worry if a little herb escapes here and there.
  8. Lick the petals to seal the rose blunt, paying extra attention to sealing any potential gaps (you don't want holes in your rose blunt!).
  9. Cut the rose blunt on either side for a more polished finish. And now all you have to do is light up and enjoy the unique experience of smoking weed wrapped in rose petals.

And if you want a visual aid don't forget to check out the video version of this article, courtesy of Leafbuyer TV!