How to Get a Marijuana Worker’s Permit

Marijuana Worker's License

Now that legal weed is firmly entrenched in many parts of Oregon, more and more people are looking at the industry as a legitimate source of employment. After all, who doesn’t want to get paid for helping others find their favorite high? Due to increasing interest in the field of budtending, we’re going to give you a short and sweet overview of what it takes to get your marijuana worker’s permit in Oregon.

The Requirements

It turns out that getting an Oregon marijuana worker’s permit isn’t as difficult as you might expect. There aren’t any crazy hoops to jump through. you just have to be 21 years of age and pass the state’s online test with a score of 70% or higher. So what exactly do you have to know?

The Handbook

Marijuana Worker's LicenseOregon’s marijuana worker handbook covers quite a few subjects in its 22 pages. These are the main points of knowledge you need for the online test, summarized:

  • Permit Overview: This section contains info about the permits themselves, like who must have the permits (everyone but lab and research employees), how long they’re valid (5 years), and when you need to have them on your person (always).
  • Recreational Laws: Naturally, all marijuana workers have to be closely familiar with the laws governing recreational cannabis in Oregon.
  • Administrative Rules: Recreational marijuana is overseen and licensed by the Oregon Liquor Control Commission (OLCC) and there are a few different types of licenses that are issued. Brush up on this section to understand the differences between producer, processor, wholesale, lab, and retail marijuana licenses. This section also contains information on the different categories of violations you want to avoid; and yes, they will likely be on the test!
  • Checking ID: If you’ve been into a dispensary, you know that ID checks are a huge bulk of what marijuana workers do every day. This large section of the handbook covers types of acceptable ID, as well as the handy “U-CARD” identification aid for remembering the basics when you’re actually at work. While no one really likes to do this, sometimes you need to ask the customer some questions to verify their ID if they’ve drastically changed in appearance. You’ll find a list of acceptable questions in this section, as well as instructions for confiscating a false ID should you choose to.
  • Dispensary Open SignIntoxicated Persons: Marijuana workers sometimes have to deal with intoxicated individuals trying to purchase cannabis products. If someone is visibly intoxicated from any substance, permittees can’t sell to them. This section provides a list of 50 signs of intoxication, as well as how to intervene professionally when an intoxicated person is trying to buy marijuana.
  • Safe Handling: As anybody with a marijuana worker’s permit may be expected to handle marijuana products, all permittees must know how to do so safely. The permit handbook wraps up with a reminder to get familiar with your workplace’s standard operating procedures, rules, and regulations before you get to work.

Jobs in the recreational marijuana industry can definitely be fun and rewarding, as long as you’re willing to play by the rules and memorize some regulations.