How to Connect to the Canna-Curious Consumer

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Cova logo LeafbuyerWho first comes to mind when you picture a cannabis consumer? Is it a young person wearing a hemp necklace and a Bob Marley t-shirt? Well, as legalization spreads that stereotype is beginning to fade away.

Instead, another wave of cannabis consumers has emerged: the canna-curious. This new type of customer requires more information and needs a bit more hand holding before making a purchase. They tend to research their products online, and may not immediately connect with the standard budtender recommendations. In fact, according to a recent study by Deloitte, 84 percent of visitors report using digital devices for shopping-related activities before or during their most recent trip to a store.

As consumer shopping behavior continues to shift, it may become more common for your clientele to refer to their phones for recommendations instead of your in-store cannabis consultants. So how exactly do you connect with the canna-curious consumer? Here are some ideas to try out:

Speak Their Language

Every newbie will get the typical Cannabis 101 speech at one point. Either from a seasoned cannabis consuming friend or from a budtender during his/her first marijuana dispensary visit. The conversation typically sounds like the following:

“Indicas are your typical pot-smoking-munchie strain. India equals ‘IN-DA-COUCH.’ Sativas are your uppers; then Hybrids are everything in between.”

For someone unfamiliar with cannabis use, this might sound like a different language. Instead of grouping strains by the predictable indica, sativa and hybrid categories, perhaps try grouping them by occasion or context of use:

“I’m looking for something to help me sleep, focus, relieve pain, or relax.”

so-easy-to-use-cova_leafbuyerAlso, try providing consumers with access to a full scope of strain information within your dispensary to help guide them through the research stage. This guide can be as simple as a basic infographic placed next to each strain name showcasing attributes such as flavor, mood, or medical condition. A good example of a dispensary that does this is Good Chemistry Dispensary in Colorado.

Invest in Staff Training

With access to a wealth of information through digital devices, the canna-curious may enter your dispensary with more knowledge than even your most seasoned budtender. It doesn’t have to be this way.

Invest in your staff by providing training specific to the dispensary industry, such as an education workshop by CannaReps. Can’t make it to a workshop? Invest in books and guides for quick referencing and sharpening staff knowledge.

Village - 18 - Cova ScreenMotivate your team to become brand ambassadors by equipping them with a reliable cannabis point-of-sale system with access to accurate product information so they can improve their recommendations. A knowledgeable staff will also be able to highlight complementary or compatible products; resulting in an increased spend-per-visit. In addition to training, reward your budtenders to ensure loyalty and decrease turnover, making it easier to deliver consistently superior customer service.

Up Your Menu Game

No one likes waiting in line. Avoid impatience and boredom by providing interactive tools, such as tablet-based menus to encourage clients to research products and engage further with your brand while in your shop. With more dispensaries popping up than Starbucks, the overall aesthetics of your space can also help you stand out from the rest. Simple changes such as swapping out your dusty menu chalkboard for a clean menu touch screen can give your space a fresh, modern vibe.

When it comes to product purchasing, canna-curious consumers are accustomed to shopping a certain way, and they expect the same purchasing experience when visiting your dispensary. They may prefer to browse around unassisted rather than engaging with your staff. Embrace this behavior by speaking their language, arming your budtenders with knowledge, and providing tools to help guide them toward finding the right product. Remember, the neat thing about the canna-curious is that when they have a positive shopping experience, whether it’s online or in your dispensary, they tell everyone.

Contact Cova today and learn how our technology can help you connect with the canna-curious and enhance the retail experience through an integrated solutions platform including a point-of-sale system, touchscreen menu and digital signage.


Article Provided By: Cova