Flying with 30 Grams at 30,000 Feet in Canada

airplane wing sunset

Canadian Transportation Minister, Marc Garneau announced on Tuesday that those flying from one part of Canada to another can pack up to 30 grams of cannabis come October 17, when the country's legalization status turns green for good, the CBC has reported.

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No Small Stash

U.S. residents will note that in the imperial system, there are only 28.3 grams in an ounce. Jett Hansell, regional manager at Weeds, a chain of cannabis dispensaries told the CBC, "that’s not a small stash."

Hansell said a lot of people roll joints using roughly half a gram of cannabis so it would take about 60 joints to hit the limit.

30 Grams is More Than 2 Handfuls

To demonstrate what thirty grams looks like, Hansell pulled out about 60 to 75 pre-rolled joints and loaded it into her hands. Barely able to hold them all, she required assistance to pile the joints, which kept falling between her fingers.

When it comes to loose-cannabis buds, the pile is even larger. Hansell, again, struggling to contain the quantity in both hands.

New Flying Guidelines

Jett Hansel called the new limits "awesome," expressing that she thought the rules would be a lot more restrictive.

Bringing marijuana on an airplane is still a new idea that is slowly being introduced.  Recently, California changed its policy to allow for cannabis to be packed and carried out of LAX Airport in Los Angeles, so long as travelers comply with state law.

As of now, Canada is a veritable patchwork of cannabis laws and regulations from territories to provinces so it will be a real boon for Canadians who are unsure about the availability of dispensaries where they land.

On Holiday in Canada

Or perhaps, for travelers that don't have time to stop at the dispensary. Sometimes a trip is packed, not only with cannabis in the luggage, but with things to do, people to see and little time to pause in between.

In terms of how long 30 grams would last, it varies wildly. Jett Hansell notes, “It depends on the person – how much they want to smoke a day – how long that will last them,”

Hansell added that many of her regular customers will smoke about a gram, or two to three joints a day.


“It depends on your nature of travel, too. If you are on vacation, obviously, you might be smoking a little bit more or less, but I would always go for more – like, you want to be safe rather than sorry,” said Hansell.

When asked about herself, Hansell quipped, “I’d go for two weeks, max, with that stash.”

As of 2016 there were 36.29 million Canadian residents and of them, 18 percent clocked in as cannabis users.

Changes begin for our neighbors to the north on October 17. It will begin the biggest social experiment of a nation legalizing cannabis across the board as of yet.