Florida Medical Marijuana: A First Time Buyer’s Guide

First Time Medical Marijuana Users Florida

If you’re a qualified medical consumer or a prospective medical marijuana consumer in Florida, odds are you’re a little confused about how the whole system is going to work. Florida is still in the process of getting everything ready to go in regards to the dispensaries, consumers, licenses, and doctors. However, in a matter of a few short weeks, the dispensaries will be opening and you’ll be able to buy cannabis products specifically related to your condition. Here’s what we know so far about the process.

First, you will need a doctor’s recommendation in order to qualify for the medical marijuana program. The Florida Medical marijuana amendment won’t cover all ailments, but the few that have been clearly detailed and defined as acceptable conditions required to apply for a medical marijuana card can be found here.

If you’re suffering from one of these ailments, be sure to talk with your doctor about medical marijuana so you will be able to purchase as soon as the stores are open and operating.

When the dispensaries open up it’s important to keep in mind that, as of right now, cannabis flowers will not be sold. Amendment Two says nothing about whether or not cannabis flowers can ever purchased and consumed, so for the time being, people are sticking to tinctures, topicals, and oils.

When the stores open, you’ll be able to go inside and talk to the budtenders about what type of product will work best for you and your condition. Here is what you should expect regarding dispensaries.

You should read about nearby medical marijuana stores beforehand and try to find those that focus on medical marijuana consumer care. You want your first experience to be educational and relaxed, so avoid dispensaries that will simply rush you out the door after you pick out your product. Feel free to begin researching strains and products, but keep in mind that product information will not always be accurate on menu websites.

You will also need to have your medical marijuana card in hand, along with your Florida ID card. You should also bring cash since it is unlikely the first few dispensaries will be able to accept card purchases.

When you get to the dispensary, keep in mind that there may be a line and you’ll most likely have to wait. Spend this bonus time with a crossword puzzle or your cell phone to keep yourself occupied until it’s your turn.

When you finally get back to see your budtender, be sure to ask questions! Don’t feel intimidated. The budtenders at these dispensaries will be experts on cannabis and how each cannabinoid might work for you. You may feel like you know what you want, but asking questions will make it easier for you to find the medicine that is guaranteed to help you.

Lastly, don’t feel pressured to rush in and rush out. Also, don’t feel pressured to buy just because you’re already there. If you’re not happy with the product or the budtender, go to a different location. You don’t have to spend your hard earned cash on a sub-par product when there will be other dispensaries willing to take the time to understand your needs. Take your time, ask questions, and walk away if you’re not interested.

So that’s it! Most dispensaries will give you a nice, relaxed experience and provide answers to any questions you have. Just make sure you’re comfortable above all else, and you’ll have a great first-time experience.