First Medical Marijuana Drive-Thru Opens in Sun City, Arizona

all greens dispensary logo

All Greens, a medical marijuana dispensary in Arizona opened its first drive-thru in Sun City on October 27th, 2017. The dispensary used to operate in Surprise, Arizona, but they recently moved to Sun City to better serve their customers. The majority of patients that visit All Greens consist of elderly, disabled, and/or other individuals who struggle with getting inside the dispensary. Therefore, All Greens wanted to accommodate their patients by implementing a new drive-thru feature that'll make the ordering and picking-up process much easier.  

This kind of weed news is exciting for all Arizona medical patients because after they're officially registered with All Greens, they can order and pick-up their medicine at the drive-thru whenever they want. The purpose of this drive-thru was to provide easier access to patients suffering from a variety of painful and difficult medical conditions/diseases, and with the right amount of safety and security, there's no reason why All Greens won't succeed.  

The grand opening event of All Greens’ new drive-thru has already captured the attention of thousands of people and weed news enthusiasts alike. The event will include food, drinks, live music, prizes, and special discounted pricing. In addition to all of these goodies, All Greens will be launching a free Valley-wide delivery service for registered medical patients, which will make getting your medicine a breeze, to say the least.