How to Conserve Your Weed

how to conserve your weed

Most of us will agree that weed is great; it's great to smoke, great to smell, and even great to share with friends and family. But the one part of using cannabis that obviously isn't quite as great is when it runs out. There's no worse feeling than getting stoked for a smoke session, only to discover your entire weed stash has gone up in smoke! It's hard to be conservative with your weed when all you want to do is get high, even if you know that means less for later. And believe me, with stereotypical stoners being the often forgetful, weed-loving bunch that they are, this disappearing weed scenario is pretty common.

That's why Leafbuyer is here with this guide on how to conserve your weed! We buckled down and counted our nugs to give you the best advice for keeping your cannabis consumption conservative. So just kick back, grab a bowl of your favorite strain, and get ready to learn all the best ways to make your weed stash last!

Why Does Weed Run Out So Fast?

dried piles of weed

It seems like every time you buy weed it's gone before you know it! Is this because you got high and forgot how much you smoked? Or maybe your friend rolled and extra-fat joint and you didn't notice until later. No matter the reason for your weed constantly running out before its time, you can stop the problem in its tracks by learning how to conserve your weed! In the end, the reason weed runs out so fast is because you've gone and consumed it all. There's no mystery when it comes to disappearing weed — only empty stashes and disappointed stoners.

How to Conserve Your Weed

No matter the reason for your cannabis stash being low, there are some foolproof methods to conserve your weed and keep the high going. You don't need to do anything drastic like not smoking entirely or sticking to a super strict schedule — just be reasonable and ready to cut back on your favorite herb (at least a little bit). You won't regret it when your smoke stash is still full of sticky, dank-smelling nugs at the end of the day!

Choose a Conservative Consumption Method

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Not all cannabis consumption methods were created equal, especially when it comes to conserving your weed. Though the difference may seem negligible at first, in the long run, choosing certain ways of getting high over others will have a huge impact on how much weed you have! Joints, for instance, are incredibly ineffective for stretching out your stash. The whole time a joint is lit, it's burning weed — and only so much of that smoke actually makes it into your lungs.

Bowls, on the other hand, are much better for making sure you're conservatively consuming your cannabis since they don't constantly burn and therefore waste much less of your bud. Plus, with bongs and pipes, you can choose exactly how much of the bowl you want smoke and stop or take a break without having to snuff it out like you would a joint. This definitely helps to preserve your stash, and it's also better for your lungs since rolling papers aren't exactly good for you. So not only are bowls the healthier option, they're also better for conserving weed.

Don't Binge All Your Weed At Once

Another common mistake stoners make when trying to save weed is they smoke too much at once. Going through big binges not only burns through weed at an alarming rate, it also increases your tolerance to the drug. This is a vicious cycle since the more weed you smoke, the higher your tolerance becomes, and the more you inevitably want to smoke. If you continue this weed binging habit, it's also possible to become dependent on cannabis. At the very least, learning not to binge your weed all at once keeps your tolerance at a reasonable level and your cannabis stash stocked!

Set Realistic Goals for Yourself

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Similar to most things in life, learning how to conserve your weed is largely about learning to set realistic goals for yourself. If you're an everyday cannabis consumer with a high tolerance and low funds, for instance, it might be time to consider cutting back or even temporarily quitting cannabis so your tolerance becomes less pronounced. If taking a T-break just sounds too difficult or unappealing, you can still try cutting back or buying strains with lower THC content so your body will become accustomed to weed with less heavy highs. Then, the next time you smoke the good (expensive) weed, you'll get so much more bang for your buck!


The next time you want to get high while still saving some money, try browsing through all the amazing cannabis products available online or find a bargain at your local dispensary! With the plethora of options and amazing deals that today's market has to offer, you can get high for an affordable price without needing to be overly conservative with your weed.