“CPM was founded in August, 2009, when I saw the potential for cannabis to help people, and to do this in a professional, compassionate way. I wanted to create a Medical Marijuana Center experience like none other, and to deliver top-quality cannabis and customer service in a setting much like a medical doctor’s office.”

What Makes Compassionate Pain Management and Ajoya so Different?

“I can feel the energy of our people in this company. Caregivers, receptionists, growers and trimmers – they do all of their jobs with their hearts and souls. They believe in our mission. Patients are loyal to us because they value their experience with us. When we are able to pass along savings to patients, we always do. Satisfaction is guaranteed.”

What is “AJOYA”?

Everyone is unique. We see the world differently, we interact with it in our own way, and, however we experience the world, Ajoya brings us together. Ajoya is the unseen bond between all individuals. Whether you’re spending time with friends, making new ones or enjoying your own ritual, Ajoya is here to enhance the experience.

What separates your products from other dispensaries’?

Our team of nine growers cultivates more than 70 strains of medical cannabis, which we only sell in jars. Why is quality packaging important? These opaque, airtight jars keep buds fresh and continue the curing process. All of our product is Colorado grown by experienced Caregivers exclusive to CPM, bringing you a top quality cannabis that is consistent and effective. All of our edibles are Colorado made and tested to insure that our patients receive quality medicine that is as consistent and effective as our flower.

Why the name change for the Louisville store?

Marijuana, since 2014, is not just for medical marijuana cardholders. Its use reaches to the occasional user looking to indulge in cannabis. The Ajoya brand advocates personal expression and unique interpretations of the world around us. It evokes the multiplicity of the cannabis plant, its history, and its future. Ajoya is the catalyst for experience.