Boulder and Marijuana

Colorado Mountains
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The beautiful town of Boulder, surrounded by mountains and full of college kids, has been recognized by publications around the world as a great place to live. In the past few years, it has been featured as:

  • The Happiest City
  • The Brainiest City
  • The Best City to Raise an Outdoor Kid
  • The #1 Town in America to Live Well
  • America’s Foodiest Town
  • One of the Best Cities for the Next Decade
  • One of the Top 10 Healthiest Cities
  • One of the Top 10 Cities for Artists

As if it didn’t have enough going for it, the legalization of marijuana has added even more appeal to its grandeur.

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A Look at the Culture

When it comes to life with legal weed, the culture in Boulder has changed in minor, yet incredibly noticeable ways. Conor Friedersdorf wrote an article entitled Life With Legal Weed,” and went through the town of Boulder, CO to have conversations with homeless men, middle-aged moms and college kids.

Among the several people he spoke to, several comments stuck out as a picturesque view of the city’s culture:

“I like homegrown organic weed, which really makes me sound like a Boulder hippie. But that’s the culture here. Very laid back, thoughtful and chill.”

“Would I rather hang out with someone who parties by drinking a lot or smoking? I’d much rather hang out with the smoker.”

“The only thing that’s changed in Boulder is that the activism has gone away since it’s become illegal. Farther down on Pearl Street, where it turns into a walking mall, all kinds of activists would say, ‘Hey, will you sign this petition so we can get weed legalized?’ Now that’s gone.”


“… unless you go to the dispensary it’s getting harder to find weed. I like buying my weed from people. It’s what I’m used to. When I travel, it’s a cool way to meet individual people who live an interesting lifestyle. That part of the culture is changing since legalization.”

So, things change. But generally, you’ll find the same chill, laid back, friendly culture you’ve always found here in this awesome town. The difference? Now you can buy weed from the local dispensaries.

Marijuana Dispensaries in Boulder

Need to find some marijuana in Boulder? Here’s a list of local dispensaries.

The Farm

2801 Iris Avenue

Boulder, CO

(303) 440-1323

Boulder Marijuana Co.

2111 30th Street

Boulder, CO

(303) 449-2663

Karing Kind LLC

5854 Rawhide Court

Boulder, CO

(303) 449-9333

MMJ America Boulder

1909 Broadway Street #100

Boulder, CO

(303) 862-4064


The Green Room

2750 Glenwood Drive

Boulder, CO

(303) 945-4074

LivWell Boulder

3000 Folsom Street

Boulder, CO

(720) 389-4920

The Village Green Society


2043 16th Street

Boulder, CO

(720) 389-5726

How Do You Boulder?

Do you have a favorite dispensary not listed above? Want to share something awesome about the culture in Boulder, CO? Leave a comment and share it with us. We’d love to hear from you!