2017 Seattle Medical Marijuana Patient Deals

Seattle medical marijuana patient deals

With great power comes great responsibility. We at Leafbuyer are able to gather a huge amount of data on retail cannabis, and thus, it’s our responsibility to highlight the best, most affordable, and highest-quality marijuana dispensaries around. In Seattle, Washington, there are several dispensaries that offer the best medical marijuana patient deals. From day-of-the-week specials to rotating coupons, check out the best grabs from around the city.

Seattle Cannabis Company

Between top-shelf strains and a wide range of marijuana products, Seattle Cannabis Company is all about giving weed to the people. Their locally sourced cannabis products come from over 20 of Washington’s top producers, but that’s not all. They also have incredible deals for patients to check out.

Munchie Monday: Stop in on Mondays to get happy hour deals from 9-11 a.m. and 8-10 p.m, including 15% off all edibles. Snag a treat, and feel the benefits of some of the best cannabis-infused foods around town.

Two-Fer Tuesday: In the same 9-11 a.m. and 8-10 p.m. time slots, you can receive 15% off any flower purchase of 2 x 2 gram bags or more.

Wax Wednesday: On Wednesdays we wax. Get 15% off of all concentrates, not including cartridges.

Thirsty Thursdays: Drink up! Come by the store to find your ideal slurp; all marijuana-infused beverages are 15% off.

Fat Sack Friday: Thank god it’s Friday: take 15% off any large bag, or bags adding up to 14 grams or more. Get a great head start to the weekend.

$99 Group Ounces: Stop by to say hi and snag a group deal from Alis Group, starting at $99. Get your hands on that popcorn bud.

Viva Cannabis Pre-Rolls: For only $4, enjoy pre-rolls of Viva Cannabis daily. These joints will hit the spot, on top of being an incredible deal.

Greenworks Lake City Way

Greenworks has an expansive menu catered to affordability. To further this mission of inclusivity, the dispensary offers deals for every kind of marijuana lover, from recreational to medical. Note the fine print on Green Works’ coupons (as seen on Leafbuyer) for more information: “We’ve got the good sh*t.”

Light It Up: Coming into the store guarantees an oil pen battery and USB charger for $4.20.

Entire Store: With this amazing deal, all you have to do is register with Greenworks to receive a whopping 20% off your first purchase. A little database entry leads to a fat reward.

#Hashtag: This coupon is #instagramworthy since it offers a rotating gram of wax for $25. Take your pick, then snap a pic.

$6 Flower Gram: Check out this rad deal; come in and get a $6 gram of flower. The flower will taste even better, knowing how affordable it was.

$20 1/8 Flower: This deal is available every single day for those lucky enough to know about it. Choose from an array of $20 1/8 ounce flowers, then go home lit and happy.

Greenworks 105th

Greenworks on 105th is a 21-and up dispensary that serves both recreational and medical marijuana needs. The store, similar to its sister site, places a priority on price. To enhance this model, Greenworks offers several coupons, which can be downloaded on Leafbuyer. These specials give patients an extra incentive to stop by and check out their high-quality products.

Heady Thursday Budtender’s Pick: This coupon gives 20% off of your budtender’s favorite product. Strike up a conversation to see what they choose–your cannabis fate rests in their hands.

Waxy Wednesday: Come in on Wednesdays for 20% off all wax products. Sort through tons of options until you find the ideal wax.

$25 Gram of Wax: While supplies last, come check out this special for a $25 gram of wax.

$5 Gram Pre-Roll: This deal never goes out of style. If you toss out this coupon, you can get a $5 pre-rolled joint every day. It’s packed with the good stuff.

$25 Ounce Shake: For only $25, you can treat yourself to a quarter ounce of shake. Come on in, and remember — “shaken, not stirred.”

Marijuana can be expensive–but it doesn’t have to be! A quick search through Leafbuyer shows the best local deals, updated regularly. Seattle dispensaries offer medical marijuana patients deals that they can afford, with extra perks for stopping by, saying hello, and looking to light up.