It’s no secret that concentrates are gaining more and more traction with each passing year. Cannabis lovers are constantly on the lookout for the newest/cheapest dabbing tech devices, be it in the form of household rigs, pocket-friendly units or otherwise. A giant rig on your coffee table may be fun to have around, but the future of dabbing and concentrate vaporization is no doubt going to focus on portability. Fortunately, the technology is already here, and there are plenty of great units to choose from.

Ready to take your concentrates on the go? Here are the best portable dab rigs on the market in 2017.

Omicron V4 Oil Vaporizer

There is perhaps no portable vape pen that even compares in quality at the moment to the Omicron V4 Oil Vaporizer. Given this statement, you might expect this highly portable pen-shaped vape to cost hundreds of dollars, but it can be had for as little as $75 if you look hard enough. Available in multiple different battery sizes for on-the-go longevity, the V4 features a number of different types of replaceable atomizers, including a ceramic “donut” atomizer that gently heats your melts. Those who require more power can go with the dual-coil titanium atomizer, which is capable of vaporizing huge amounts of oil in short periods of time. On-demand and highly customizable, the Omicron V4 currently sits at the head of the pack.

Atmos Kiln

A pen that combines simplicity of design with one of the best heaters available on the market today, the Atmos Kiln is well-loved by dabbing enthusiasts. Featuring a ceramic-based rebuildable atomizer, the Kiln gives off an incredibly clean flavor rivaling that of the Omicron V4. It features a very small amount of draw resistance as well, which is ideal for those who have had trouble in the past hitting pens with tighter draws. Did we mention the atomizer is 510 compatible? Plus, the 5-year warranty that comes along with the kiln makes it more than worth taking a look at for those who are prone to breaking their devices.


Those who like to vaporize dry herbs in addition to concentrates will already be very familiar with the popular PAX portable vaporizer. While the classic PAX has its ups and downs, the PAX Era is one of the newest/cheaper dabbing tech devices available right now. It’s about as sleek as a pen can get, with no buttons or screens to speak of and a thin fitting form factor. How does it work? Simply bring the bento your lips and puff on it to activate the heater. The one downside to the PAX Era is that it only works with pre-filled cartridges called Era Pods, so this isn’t a pen you’ll be able to add your own concentrates to–yet. The price is right, too, as the Era can be picked up for around $60.

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