What are the Best Questions to Ask at a Dispensary?

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If you've never been to a dispensary before, you likely find the prospect of your first visit slightly daunting. After all, there are so many weed terms, products, and general information you may or may not know when the time comes to walk through the door! But even the most inexperienced cannabis consumer should feel 100 percent comfortable visiting a dispensary for the first time. No good dispensary will make a customer feel unwelcome just for being inexperienced, but sometimes it pays to be prepared (just in case). You can't ask too many questions when it comes to weed, but there are some definite best questions to ask at a dispensary in order to find exactly what's best for your individual needs and preferences. And, lucky for you, they're all here in this article!

You don't need to worry about your first visit to a cannabis dispensary if you already know the questions you want to ask. That's why Leafbuyer is here with this list of the best questions to ask at a dispensary. We may not have all the answers but with enough inquiries, you're bound to get exactly the cannabis product you need. So, read up and get ready to ask all the important questions!

What Would You Recommend?

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Budtenders know what they're talking about when it comes to weed, and it really pays to listen to their advice, especially if you're a beginner to the world of cannabis consumption. While not every budtender is equally qualified, chances are you're talking to a professional if you're in a reputable dispensary. Take advantage of the budtender's expertise and ask the best question you can ask at a dispensary: "What would you recommend?"

By asking a budtender for their recommendation, you're much more likely to get a high-quality product than if you were to choose some random product off the shelves by yourself. You can also explain your weed wants and needs to the budtender so they can personally select what they consider to be the best product for you. And if you're still not convinced or want a second opinion after hearing the budtender's suggestion, just ask for it! It's hard to go wrong asking a bunch of cannabis experts what they think will most help you with your cannabis needs.

What's Your Favorite Product?

For a more personal question, you can always ask the budtender what their favorite product is. Chances are, they'll have a few choice selections of products they prefer. And if the person selling the products likes a certain one more than any others, it's probably because it's just better. Of course, there's always room for personal preference and opinions, but you can't go wrong by asking for the budtender's favorite! This won't work as well if you're looking for a more niche medical product like a nasal CBD spray or a veterinary cannabis treat, but you never know until you ask. And asking the budtender for their favorite product is definitely one of the best questions to ask at a dispensary.

What's the Customer's Favorite?

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If you want a broader question to ask at a dispensary that doesn't rely as heavily on the budtender's personal preferences, try another angle! A great question to ask at a dispensary is what customers generally enjoy. The budtender should have a general idea of which products are popular and which aren't. Plus, regular customers often come back to dispensaries and report their experiences with various products. A good budtender should be able to easily point out some fan-favorites among the products their dispensary sells. Of course, the customer doesn't always know best, but this is a pretty solid question to ask at a dispensary if you're looking for a product to buy.

How Do I Use the Product?

Once you've gone and exhausted all the best questions for selecting a cannabis product, it's still a good idea to pick the budtender's brain about how exactly to use your purchase. It wouldn't do to go home, open up your new and exciting cannabis product, just to realize you have no idea how you're supposed to use it. Do you rub it on your skin? Or maybe you're supposed to smoke it? It could be both, perhaps? Or maybe neither! Before you let the budtender go about their business, just take a moment to ask about the best practices for using your purchase. They're bound to know at least the basics of any flower, vape, tincture, or cannabis product in general and should be happy to explain to process to a customer. At the very least, the budtender should be able to send you in the right direction so you're not left entirely clueless with your new purchase.

How Strong is the Product?

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Last (but certainly not least) is the all-important question in the world of weed: how strong is the product you're about to buy? This applies to both recreational and medicinal cannabis products, since both could possibly contain psychoactive chemicals. Even CBD products, if taken in large quantities, can make you feel a little off kilter even if they don't contain any of the chemicals that will get you high. So before strutting out the door to enjoy the fruits of your first visit to a dispensary, make sure to ask the budtender about the potency of your purchase. It's no fun being too high off of any weed product, but this is especially true for things like dabs and edibles. Even some flower and pre-rolls these days are getting crazy, so remember that nothing is safe and every product could potentially lead you to a crazy high. Topical cannabis and CBD products will not get you stoned but it still pays to ask (just in case)!

Ask Whatever You Want!

In the end, no question is a bad question. Even if you have no idea what you're talking about or if the question feels silly, it's entirely within your right to ask whatever you want! The budtender (probably) won't laugh at you — and even if they do, it's not the end of the world. Cannabis is, after all, a drug. It's much better to ask your questions and get as many answers as you need or want than to feel bashful and miss out on a piece of crucial information. There are no questions to ask at a dispensary that will get you kicked out of a dispensary, short of threatening or straight-up uncomfortable lines of inquiry. So don't feel like you need to have all the answers before your first visit to a dispensary — you're definitely not the first newcomer to weed the budtender has dealt with, and you certainly won't be the last!


Go out and visit your local dispensary today and ask all the questions your heart desires. You're bound to find what you're looking for with these questions — and who knows, you just might learn a thing or two about weed in the process! So don't worry, and get ready to enjoy your first experience consuming cannabis from a dispensary.