Where to Go to Get the Best Dispensary Deals in Michigan?

best dispensary deals in michigan

Michigan has one of the largest total medical marijuana patient populations in the United States, with over 218,000 total patients and close to 38,000 caregivers. Yet, the state is replete with city and county ordinances limiting the depth a marijuana dispensary can grow in a community.

best dispensary deals in michiganThe region surrounding Lansing, Michigan is a fantastic example of this. The surrounding communities do not allow or have limited marijuana businesses in this city or that county, driving patients and caregivers not growing their own medical marijuana to the cities and counties who sell it. This creates a true consumer need for reliable products, good pricing, excellent services, and, most importantly, a deep-seeded focus on relationship building.

This creates a true consumer need for reliable products, good pricing, excellent services, and, most importantly, a deep-seeded focus on relationship building.

Welcome to the Doghouse!

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Come for the products, return for the care

As a customer, it says something beyond the realm of written language when you know you are being listened to. It isn’t just attentiveness separating the Doghouse from other dispensaries in the Lansing, MI area, it’s the care to detail compassionately running through each Doghouse employee. The staff is beyond thorough, acting as both cannabis enthusiasts and strain and product experts. If you are looking for a strain to help the pain or some cookies to calm your nerves, budtenders at the Doghouse can recite the cannabinoid and terpene profile like an opera singer at a karaoke bar — beating all expectations – all while including the common effects, personal experiences, or patient favorites.

The Doghouse operates on three core principals:

  • Education
  • Safety
  • Community

Through these values, the Doghouse actively seeks to positively affect the lives of Michigan by providing residents the best dispensary deals in Michigan, regardless of their stance on marijuana, allowing for a trust-based relationship akin to the reciprocal altruism of say, helping a neighbor. At the company level down to the individual, the Doghouse embraces their willingness to ensure all questions are answered and all patients are informed. As something uniquely placing the Doghouse into a realm social recognition, their effectiveness is furthered by products consistently tackling big flavors and potency while the price and quality seem to defy logic.

Good prices meet good deals

The Doghouse has great deals and great prices. So you can fully appreciate the just how great the deals are, here is a quick breakdown of their product prices:


  • 1 preroll = $5-$12
  • 1 gram = $5-$20
  • 1/8th = $30-$60
  • 1/4th = $50-$140
  • 1/2 oz = $140-$280
  • 1 ounce = $260-$420


  • Budder = $20-$40 per gram
  • Dry Sift (kief) = $10 per gram
  • Rosin = $35 per gram
  • Shatter = $25-$40 per gram
  • Crumble wax = $35 per gram
  • Moon Rocks (hash dipped buds) = $20 per gram

Topicals and edibles are available on a rotating basis, so be sure to check them out while you are there. But while you are here, take a look at the deals the Doghouse offers.

Daily Special

Monday – Buy three (3) get one (1) free edibles

Tuesday – Buy three (3) get one (1) free prerolls

Wednesday – Four (4) grams of wax for $100

Saturday – Buy four (4) grams of shatter, get one (1) free

All Other Specials

  • CBD budder for $20 per gram
  • Strain-specific quarters for $40
  • $25 eighths on select strains
  • $5 strain specific joint
  • THC massage oil for $5
  • CBD capsules for $10
  • Kronic Juice for $10

Check back regularly for new specials.