6 Uses for CBD You Probably Haven’t Heard of

CBD Molecule and Pot Leaf
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It’s a fact that there are a TON of cannabinoids that make up cannabis, but most of the time, CBD (also known as Cannabidiol) is overlooked in favor of the more attractive cannabinoid, THC, which is responsible for the highly-sought-after psychoactive effect.

Most now know about the beneficial effect CBD has on epilepsy, but recent studies have shown that this cannabinoid is responsible for most of marijuana’s medical effectiveness! There are SO many uses for CBD! While THC is medicinal for many ailments, CBD is important too, and we hope to help shed some light on a few little-known uses for CBD.six common uses for cbd

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1. Pain

It has long been known that CBD contained anti-inflammatory properties thanks, in part, to natural endocannabinoid receptors in brain and muscle cells. While you may have heard about CBD’s pain-relieving properties, the number of uses for CBD is expanding by the day. CBD shows promise for treatment of many common and uncommon ailments. From chronic digestive immune health on the inside, to acute skin inflammation on the outside – CBD has shown promise to relieve nearly any body pain.

2. Acne

A recent study from the Journal of Clinical Investigation discovered that CBD can provide treatment for acne. It provides an anti-oil and anti-inflammatory to the skin, which causes the skin to slow down on it’s production of oils, helping to control breakouts.

3. Insomnia

That couch locked feeling you get from Indica-dominant marijuana strains? In most cases, that can be directly credited to CBD! One of CBD’s major side effects is sleepiness, which is why a lot of people seek it out. Sleeping pills can leave you sick and tired the next day, and so many people choose a nice Indica or CBD-heavy strain to wind down and eventually drift off to a nice comfortable sleep.

4. Multiple Sclerosis (AKA MS)

A study was produced by Italian scientists a few years back that tested lab mice with a disease called autoimmune encephalomyelitis (EAE), which is almost identical to MS, which affects humans. Mice being treated with CBD for 10 days began to show signs of progression in their condition, as well as superior motor skills. Researchers further concluded that CBD can reduce various ailments associated with MS.

5. Cigarette Addiction

In a small study conducted for addictive behaviors, 12 people were given an inhaler full of CBD, and 12 more were given a placebo inhaler with compressed air. Neither group knew what was in either inhaler, making it a double-blind study. The smokers were tasked to puff the inhaler whenever they had the urge to smoke a cigarette. The placebo group smoked the same amount of cigarettes, while those taking the CBD saw a 40% drop in the amount of cigarettes they consumed. The study concluded that CBD decreased the number of cigarettes without increasing the nicotine craving, which shows promise in the treatment of withdrawal symptoms from harder drugs.

6. Depression

A study done on surgically modified mice used to test depression medications discovered that after injecting mice with CBD, the mice experienced an almost instant positive change in their condition. The mice exhibited a decline in hyperactivity, which is a sign of depression and anxiety in people.

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by Nicole Flanigan