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True OG Strain

Indica Hindu Kush & Iranian Regions
  • 22.0% THC
  • 0.0% CBD
  • 0.0% CBN
medicinal use Anxiety ANXIETY
medicinal use Insomnia INSOMNIA
medicinal use Pain PAIN
medicinal use Skunky SKUNKY
medicinal use Citrus CITRUS
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medicinal use Happy HAPPY
medicinal use Happy HAPPY

True OG is an ocean grown indica that packs a double punch of massive body experience and an uplifting, focused mental high. Medical patients favor the strain for its classic indica-style effects, long-lasting duration, and uniquely focused cerebral stoned. True OG has gained popularity beyond the Golden State and now has a solid following all the way up the coast and throughout the Pacific Northwest. The strain can reach almost thirty percent THC, allowing immense potency. True OG has won multiple awards, and it’s easy to see why the strain quickly exploded in popularity across the United States.

Overview of True OG

True OG has amassed a following throughout Southern California and other legalized states in the Western United States. As the strain's reach has grown, so has its notoriety. "OG," as with many other Californian strains, references the fact that stains like True OG are ocean grown, in Pacific climates. True OG is an indica dominant hybrid, with round popcorn nugs. Buds are usually a light to medium green, with pale pistils and a bounty of glittering trichomes.

True OG flower should exude a potently skunky scent, cut by the crispness of citrus and pine. The strain's flavor is similar to its smell but can present notes of spiciness.

THC reports vary, but True OG regularly tests into the mid 20's when it comes to THC content. True OG's medical properties get a boost from the strain's high CBD content: True OG can contain up to one percent CBD. True OG was named one of High Times top strains in 2014 and has dominated the Medical Cannabis Cup since it won in 2010.

Potential Positive Effects of True OG

True OG delivers a relaxing and long-lasting stone that doesn't muddle the mind. This relatively clear and focused head high is a pleasant aspect of the indica strain. The strain's cerebral high also is known to uplift your mood and provide a steady source of euphoria. However, the strain is true to its genetics and has heavy sedative properties. Due to True OG's powerful indica effects, the strain is reserved for evening and nighttime use. True OG's high is known to creep up on smokers, so it is smart so pace your smoking.

Potential Negative Effects of True OG

First-hand reports note the strain's potency and warn those just introduced to True OG to pack it light. The strain's whopping body high is known to induce couchlock and knock out a consumer before they move to the bed. The two most common negative symptoms of the strain are dry eyes and dry mouth. However, there are also occasional reports of dizziness, headaches, and rarely paranoia.

Lineage of True OG

Elemental Seeds from the San Jose region of California bred this award-winning strain. The growers claim that True OG derives from a similar Thai, Pakistani and Chemdawg mixture that constitute OG Kush. Generally, it's thought True OG's genetics additionally include the Hindu Kush and Iranian regions.

Growing True OG

From planting, True OG seeds take 56 to 62 days to flower. Maturing plants give off a complex aroma with notes of pine, diesel, and fruit. True OG is quite easy to grow and is very manageable to trim thanks to an uncomplicated structure. It prefers warm temperatures, though it doesn't produce better either indoors or out.

Where to Find True OG

You'll only find True OG in the legal markets of the West Coast, mainly in California.

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