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Lightshade CBD is a Colorado original bred by the infamous Lightshade dispensary. This premium CBD-dominant bud is just one stellar flower amongst their collection of top-notch CBD strains. It is not always easy to find a cannabis strain with a solid CBD content. Lightshade took matters into their own hands and cultivated a fine selection of high testing CBD strains. Lightshade CBD is one of their more popular CBD strains and is an ideal option for both medical and recreational patients.


medicinal use Fatigue


medicinal use Insomnia


medicinal use Inflammation



strain flavor Earthy

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strain effect Cheerful


strain effect Relaxed


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Overview of Lightshade CBD

Any consumer who enjoys puffing down on cannabis but is not too fond of the potent high should check out Lightshade CBD. It is a high CBD testing strain with a very low THC content. Lightshade CBD provides consumers with a soothing sensation without causing any "high" effect. This strain is not a hemp-derived strain and still comes from the cannabis sativa family.

Lightshade CBD has a plethora of medicinal value due to its cannabinoid profile. This strain does serve more of purpose on the medical marijuana market than the recreational market. That said, it is still a great strain for beginning consumers who are curious about modern day marijuana.

Due to its low THC content, there is not much (if any) high effect associated with this strain. Nevertheless, it is an excellent strain for relaxing at the end of the day or loosening up before a social event.

Positive Effects of Lightshade CBD

Consumers should not expect a potent high effect associated with most cannabis. While there is some THC in this strain, it contains more CBD than anything. The effects of CBD are non-psychoactive and provide consumers with a calming and relaxing sensation.

Potential Medical Benefits of Lightshade CBD

Lightshade CBD is particularly popular amongst medical marijuana consumers. It high CBD content makes the strain ideal for helping patients with severe stress, chronic pain, and insomnia. Lightshade CBD is best suited for a nighttime smoke session and is known for being a phenomenal sleep-aid.

Negative Effects of Lightshade CBD

The adverse effects of Lightshade CBD are slim to none. CBD has very little known adverse effects and tends to balance the unwanted effects of THC. Consumers still report the general cottonmouth effect and the occasional red eyes.

The Lineage of Lightshade CBD

Lightshade was bred in-house by Colorado's premier dispensary, Lightshade. Many of their fine CBD strains began as phenotypes of the classic Cannatonic. Cannatonic is an original high CBD strain which is why Lightshade CBD has such a rounded cannabinoid profile.

Growing Lightshade CBD

There is not much information on growing Lightshade CBD. Many CBD strains are tough for everyday consumers to find on the market. Lightshade is the primary cultivator of this strain, and it is unlikely for outside growers to get a seed or clone.

Where to Find Lightshade CBD

Lightshade CBD is available in Lightshade dispensaries throughout the state of Colorado. It is not always on the shelves though, and each store's inventory varies.

Find a Lightshade dispensary near you, here!

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