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SFV OG Strain

Indica OG Kush
  • 21.1% THC
  • 0.1% CBD
  • 0.0% CBN
medicinal use Pain PAIN
medicinal use Inflammation INFLAMMATION
medicinal use Depression DEPRESSION
medicinal use Citrus CITRUS
medicinal use Skunky SKUNKY
medicinal use Pine PINE
medicinal use Relaxed RELAXED
medicinal use Sedated SEDATED
medicinal use Happy HAPPY

SFV OG is sativa dominant hybrid that typically displays THC percentages into the mid-20’s. The lineage of this strain comes from an original cut of OG Kush. SFV OG is a cut of OG that made its way to the Valley. Its earthy and lemon taste provides the consumers with an enjoyable smoke. SFV OG is a great cut of the original OG and is a great smoke for even the most seasoned consumers.

Overview of SFV OG

SFV OG, an acronym for San Fernando Valley Ocean Grown, is a sativa dominant strain noted for its potency. With a balance of 30 percent indica to 70 percent sativa, SFV OG displays a unique visual appearance. Its buds are small and dark green, with pistils ranging from reddish to brown in color. The best batches have a silvery sheen of trichomes, and are bundled together with moderate to heavy resin production.

SFV OG has a classic aroma, with a nose full of citrus and diesel. A delightful skunkiness serves as a foundation for the light pine flavor at the end. Be warned: SFV OG produces notoriously harsh smoke, so you may want to try it in a vaporizer.

This strain is known for high THC levels, which range from about 18 to 24 percent. Its extreme potency contributed to SFV OG's third place win at the 2012 High Times Cannabis Cup. The CBD content of SFV OG isn't too impressive, with most varieties yielding up to one percent.

Positive Effects of SFV OG

SFV OG is all about relaxation. Effects begin to set in immediately after smoking, and consumers note a feeling of deep relaxation spreading throughout the body. Then a pleasant sedation unfolds, which often feels like a light pressure all over body and mind. This strain's sativa genetics present in its uplifting qualities, which will plaster a smile on your face in no time. SFV OG is the ultimate strain for kicking back and relaxing with no worries. You'd probably be happy watching paint dry after a few hits.

Negative Effects of SFV OG

Couchlock is almost guaranteed with SFV OG, so don't try this strain if you need to be up and about at any time soon. This feeling is usually moderate, however, and more experienced consumers should be able to manage it.

Lineage of SFV OG

The original strain was founded in San Fernando Valley, California to be exact. However, the parent plant OG Kush did not originate in the Valley.

So, how did an OG cut get down there?

When the founder of OG Kush left the country, he left two cuts of the strain with two different growers. One cut went to Orange County and eventually turned into what we know as Larry OG. The other went to the valley and eventually became known as SFV OG.

The original cross of OG Kush is a unique lineage containing ChemDawg x (Lemon Thai x Old World Paki Kush). SFV OG has become extremely popular over the years. While most people would assume OG would mean it is an indica, SFV OG is actually a sativa dominant hybrid. The reason for this is the cut of SFV OG was back crossed multiple times.

Growing SFV OG

SFV OG remains a popular strain amongst growers. This flower has a short flowering phase of only seven to nine weeks. SFV OG is also known for gaining most of its weight during the last couple of weeks of its life. The overall yield is moderate to high, but the quality is always there. This is considered an intermediate strain for home growing.

Where to Find SFV OG

After SFV OG appeared in the 2012 Cannabis Cup, it spread nearly all over the United States. However, you'll still find the best quality cannabis and deals in this strain's native California.

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