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The Purps x Killer Queen

Kryptonite Strain

Contrary to the name, this marijuana strain will help a person's strength. Kryptonite, an indica-dominant strain, provides a potent, long-lasting high that helps with an array medical conditions. Created by crossing the Killer Queen and Mendocino Purps strains, it is said to help with chronic pain and insomnia, given its mind and body-sedating characteristics. We can thank Oaksterdam University in Northern California for creating this potent mood-booster.


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Overview of Kryptonite

Kryptonite is an 85% indica strain with a range of 25-30% THC, 1.9% CBD, and .3% CBN. It is medium green and thin, and it's a compact and heavy strain. The bud is highlighted with frosty crystals and rust-colored hairs. Its parent strains, Killer Queen and Mendocino Purps, provide this flower with therapeutic terpenes including 0.48% humulene, 0.23% beta-caryophyllene, and 0.23% alpha-pinene.

Kryptonite smells like a pinewood forest. With every pull, a sweet berry flavor will hit your tongue along with a skunky, earthy undertone. Its full effects make it hard not to feel relaxed and happy. The results provide a sense of creativity and can be used in relaxation activities like meditation. Kryptonite doesn't leave that typical skunky smell; instead, it provides a sweet berry flavor with an earthy undertone. A puff leaves a pine scent behind. It's great for evening use.

Potential Positive Effects of Kryptonite

This strain has a history of long-lasting effects providing a powerful body buzz. Kryptonite users of all experience levels will feel some sort of sedation. If you're the type to stick with one strain for regular use, you may find yourself looking for sources of relaxation such as meditation and yoga. It will also hack into your creative mind. And you will be completely stoned the whole time.

Potential Medical Effects of Kryptonite

People with medical conditions are amazed by Kryptonite's health benefits and advocate for it as a medically powerful strain. They are ecstatic about its ability to relieve medical ailments such as chronic pain, anxiety, and depression. Its creative capabilities can help relieve stress and symptoms of PTSD. For those suffering from insomnia, this strain will result in a good night's sleep. People also find this strain to be a great appetite stimulant.

Potential Negative Effects of Kryptonite

Low doses may not completely drain regular users, but Kryptonite does come with some adverse effects and, like many strains, it may cause dizziness, headaches, and dry mouth and eyes. All users report having a strong reaction to this particular strain.

Lineage of Kryptonite

Mendocino Purps is a long-time favorite originating from Mendocino County, California. This indica-dominant strain has THC ranging from 13-22%, and 0.2-0.4% CBD. It is medium green, covered in frosty crystals and rust-colored hairs. Its flowering time is about 60 days indoors and mid-to-late October outdoors. Both ways require a temperate climate. This strain is a great grow for moderate to expert cultivators.

Killer Queen was created in British Columbia and is a rare marijuana hybrid outside of Canada and United States. The THC content has been tested at 16% and the CBD content hovers around 0.2%. Its bud comes in a medium green color and is covered in frosty crystals and scattered rust-colored hairs. It can be grown both indoors and outdoors with growing times of 60-65 days and mid-to-late October respectively. Both need to be grown in a dry area with a lot of sunlight and outdoor climate.

Growing Kryptonite

Kryptonite can be grown both indoors and outdoors. It is a clone-only strain and not the most difficult to grow, but it's best grown by moderate to experienced cultivators. Support may be required to keep its dense buds straight.

With indoor growing, timing is 60-65 days with a yield of about 11 ounces per square meter. It's a tall plant, starting at about 2.5 feet. Its size requires a large indoor growing tent and appropriate lighting. Kryptonite needs to be stimulated by light for its height to increase.

Kryptonite will grow tall outdoors, but it needs an indoor climate to succeed. Its flowering time is 8-10 weeks and can produce a yield of 22 ounces per plant. Temperatures need to be in the range of temperate to colder climates. Height could be as tall as 6 feet at harvesting.

Where to Find Kryptonite

It's not everywhere but look for it in Colorado, California, Nevada, Arizona, and Washington. That's where it's recreationally and medically popular.

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