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Indica Hybrid

Mad Scientist X Timewreck

Dr. Who Strain

Dr. Who, parented by Mad Scientist and Timewreck, is a potent strain testing commonly at 30% THC. The small sticky buds are known for their blue/purple color and citrus-like taste. This super relaxed high comes on slowly but will show by a sharpening of your senses and a heaviness in your head. It’s used to treat migraines and arthritis and can reduce the effects of anxiety and depression. Although the level of THC is high, there is low risk of paranoia. Dr. Who is best grown indoors.


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Overview of Dr. Who

Named after the BBC Sci-fi series about a time-traveling scientist whose time machine changes their biology to appear like the environment they‚??re in, Dr. Who is an hybrid parented by strains Timewreck and Mad Scientist. It was created in the Northwest United States by breeders Homegrown Natural.

Dr. Who is not available anywhere outside the United States at this time.  

It is a hard bud that is short and bushy and tends to be smaller in size with wide lateral branches. It's best known for it's purple and blue hues which is a result of a high concentration of anthocyanin pigments that generate through the near-freezing of the plants during the growing process. The smell is enticing and comparable to fruit salad.

Dr. Who is potent for novice and experienced consumers alike. It's very sticky with a dank smell and sweet and tangy flavor - complete with notes of lemon and other tropical fruits. Many consumers also experience an earthy, woody taste.

Heavy doses may cause sedation. It should allow you to continue whatever you are doing without interruption, but maybe with just a different view. Your thoughts should be clear, you should feel focused and have a lot of energy while still feeling calm. Dr. Who is a great strain for  after a long workday, an all night study sessions, or as a method of relieving muscle tension the day after an intense workout. It's definitely not the one to leave you feeling unmotivated and couch-locked.

Potential Positive Effects of Dr. Who

The experience is a slow build and is entering its peak when you start feeling heaviness in your head and the sharpening of all your senses. It's best used for increasing your creativity, having long, in-depth talks, and exploring nature. You will not feel sedated after one bowl this strain.

Potential Effects of Dr. Who

It's helps lower the symptoms of anxiety and depression and is good to use when under a large amount of stress. It is also used to combat pain derived from a headache, migraine or even arthritis. Some use it to combat insomnia, as well.

Potential Negative Effects of Dr. Who

The strain will give you an extreme case of dry mouth and can cause your eyes to dry or appear droopy. The good news is, even with a crazy high level of THC, there is a low risk for paranoia. The smoke can be harsh, irritating your sinuses and causing a lot of coughing.

Lineage of Dr. Who

Dr. Who is a cross of Mad Scientist, an indica-dominant strain, and Timewreck, an uplifting sativa. Both parents of Dr. Who are potent in THC, and this is where Dr. Who derives its creative, uplifting, yet relaxed effects.

Growing Dr. Who

Dr. Who can be grown indoors or outdoors but indoor growth is best in order to maintain control of the plants' environment. They should be kept in a space that stays between 70 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit most of the time. The plants are shocked with cold late in the vegetation process, producing the anthocyanin that gives it its notable color. This full-bodied strain should be ready for smoking after eight or nine weeks gestation and proper drying.  

Where To Find Dr. Who

Dr. Who is found in Oregon and Washington most commonly, with Portland and Seattle both prime locations to get your hands on the strain.

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