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Afghani x NorCal x Alaskan Landrace

Alaskan Thunderfuck Strain

Alaskan Thunder Fuck, also known as ATF, is a strong sativa-hybrid ideal for soothing anxiety and depression. The beauteous buds have a strong scent and colorful appearance. Medical patients utilize Alaskan Thunder Fuck to treat depression, stress, pain, headaches, and fatigue. Though the strain has a mysterious genetic origin, ATF has carved out a niche in the cannabis market. When smoked, ATF gives off a strong scent of wood, pine, citrus, and diesel. THC content can range from 14% to 18%. ATF's sativa genetics foster a heady, uplifted high that can effectively jump start your morning activities.



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The strain with three names packs high amounts of potency in its frosty buds. Alaskan Thunder Fuck, (also known as ATF, Matanuska Thunder Fuck, and Matanuska Tundra) is an esteemed sativa-leaning strain that stems from the Matanuska Valley in Alaska. ATF is a popular afternoon or daytime strain due to its creeping stone and lingering sativa high. The strain is said to eventually induce a heavy sense of physical relaxation. ATF nugs sprout varying colors of green and streaks of orange hairs. When grown in colder climates, ATF can demonstrate darker purple hues. The high resin count of the bud also fosters a shiny, frosty coat on well-grown ATF strains.

The true genetics of ATF are debated among the cannabis community. The generally accepted story is that a strain from Northern California was crossed with a ruderalis variety from Russia. Ruderalis is a contested subspecies/related species of cannabis native to Asia and Central/Eastern Europe. Due to shorter growing seasons and the extreme nature of the climates, ruderalis varieties are smaller and shorter. Generally, ruderalis naturally possess lower levels of THC. Eventually, in the late 1970's, the sativa version of ATF was mixed with an Afghani plant to foster a stronger, more balanced strain. A feature in High Times in the mid-1970s planted the strain into the cannabis world, where it has grown ever since.

In addition to the strain's striking appearance, ATF emits an enticing earthy and slightly citrus scent. Depending on the batch, users also get notes of wood, pine, and flowers. Smokers can also get a medley of flavors after smoking, including sweet orange, banana, and sage.

Since the strain's introduction in the 1970's, different California growers and groups have produced their own twist on ATF. ATF's THC content ranges from 14% to 18% and primarily induces a head high. ATF is the perfect strain to enjoy during outdoor activities like hikes and concerts. Users can also become chatty and sociable. The strain commonly fosters a sense of euphoria, creativity, energy, and relaxation. Medical patients coping with depression, stress, pain, headaches, anxiety, migraines, and fatigue. ATF can also help stimulate an appetite and help treat those dealing with anorexia.

Like other sativa strains, dry mouth and red eyes can be common side effects. Users can occasionally experience anxiety, paranoia, and headaches when too much ATF is consumed. Due to the nature of the strain's stone, new smokers should be warned to monitor their consumption.

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