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Local Orange Skunk x Jacks Cleaner x Space Queen

Agent Orange Strain

A world-class hybrid known for it's potent orange aftertaste and extremely large, resinous buds. A very strong natural producer, Agent Orange is great for growers looking for a low-maintenance plant that will deliver. Does very well outdoors.



strain flavor Orange


strain effect Happy


strain effect Uplifted


strain effect Energized

Forget about the Agent Orange dominating the headlines. The Agent Orange strain is quickly gaining a name for itself from fans of energizing, fun highs. You can find Agent Orange by its captivating aroma. The strain's mildly sweet and refreshing scent is akin to its smoking experience. Though the high is a bit on the short side, it bursts like a juicy bite of fruit. Agent Orange is a type of strain that will add a pep to your step throughout the day.

Many users choose Agent Orange for the strain's famous orange aroma and easy growing experience. For most, the happy, cerebral high wanes approximately a half hour after smoking. Agent Orange's strong sativa effects are ideal for banging out daytime activities around the house or outdoors.

The strain is a sativa-leaning hybrid originally bred by TGA Genetics from Local Orange Skunk, Orange Velvet and Jack the Ripper. TGA reports an even split between indica and sativa but first-hand accounts report a distinctly cerebral high. The fragrance and taste of Orange Velvet resonates like an orange creamsicle when smoked. Similarly, Jack the Ripper, another hybrid from the TGA team, fosters resinous buds and Agent Oranges' mental intensity.

Though it seems the strain hasn't received any official awards or accolades yet, Agent Orange is quickly rising in the ranks in legalized states. The strain has strongholds in the Pacific Northwest and Michigan. However, Agent Orange is popular all over the US in states like Arizona, California, Colorado, and Nevada.

Agent Orange's THC levels range from 10% to 24%, though most tests reveal an average of 14% THC. CBD rates check in at 0.2%. Users say that Agent Orange is a balanced hybrid that works as an excellent mood enhancer. Other effects include happiness, euphoria, relaxation, and energy. The strain is said to relieve stress, depression, pain, lethargy, and fatigue. The strain can produce a mild body buzz that aids minor pains and aches. Agent Orange can occasionally cause dry mouth, dry eyes, anxiety, paranoia, and dizziness.

If grown well, Agent Orange buds can be a beautiful medley of green, orange, purple, and maroon. The strain shows its true colors throughout the orange hairs. However, the scent is where the strain defends its name. Nugs exude a sweet, citrus smell as appealing as the smell of fresh oranges. When smoked, Agent Orange leaves a refreshing and tropical aftertaste.

TGA reiterate the claim that the strain is a solid producer of resinous, dense buds. Growers favor this strain for its large yields of flat-topped, large colas with heavier nugs. Agent Orange can grow strong and tall both indoors and outdoors. In ideal environments like Northern California, plants can grow up to 10 feet. It normally takes plants 55 to 65 days to harvest. The plant will not develop its yield until the last two weeks of the flowering period.

Related strains include Jack Frost, Lemon Skunk, Green Crack and Jilly Bean.

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